Akane Sawatari (沢渡アカネ, Sawatari Akane) was a former civilian devil hunter working with the Gun Devil. She had a contract with a Snake Devil.

She is the secondary antagonist of the Katana Man arc.


Akane is a young woman with short hair. Her eyes possess slit pupils like a snake. She normally wears shorts and an oversized hoodie.[1]




At some point she had an arrangement with Katana Man where she replaced his heart with the Katana Devil, allowing him to transform into a hybrid.[2]

Katana Man arcEdit

After the Katana Man was defeated by Aki Hayakawa, Akane appeared on the scene and spoke to Aki about his Curse Devil, complimenting on him for doing well. Aki questions who she is, but Akane doesn't answer and instead crouches down over the Katana Man to resurrect him. As the Katana Man gets to his feet with everyone else looking on in shock, Akane tells him to finish the job and kill Aki.[3]

After Himeno uses the full power of the Ghost Devil to overwhelm the Katana Man, Akane intervenes to save him by using her Snake Devil to swallow the Ghost Devil. She then resurrects the Katana Man once more, repairing the damage he sustained from the Ghost Devil. When Denji regenerates and transforms to fight the Katana Man, Akane reminds the Katana Man not to damage Denji's heart.[4]


Snake Devil Contract: Akane has a contract with the Snake Devil that allows her to summon it at will.[5]

Resurrection: Akane seemingly has the ability to resurrect others through physical contact; bringing the Katana Man back to his feet after he had been killed by the Curse Devil's power.[3] Whether this is related to her Snake Devil contract or not is unknown.


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