Chainsaw Man (チェンソーマン, Chensōman) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Fujimoto Tatsuki. Part 1 concluded on December 14, 2020, while announcing an anime adaptation by studio MAPPA and a Part 2 continuation on Jump+ web service.


When his father died, Denji was stuck with a huge debt and no way to pay it back. Thanks to a Devil dog he saved named Pochita, he's able to survive through odd jobs and killing Devils for the Yakuza. Pochita's chainsaw powers come in handy against these powerful demons. When the Yakuza betrays him and he's killed by the Zombie Devil, Pochita sacrifices himself to save his former master. Now Denji has been reborn as some kind of weird Devil-Human hybrid. He is now a Chainsaw Man!

After his transformation, he's quickly recruited by Makima to join the Public Safety Devil Hunters under threat of extermination now that he's technically a Devil. Now that he's living comfortably for the first time in his life, Denji struggles to determine his dreams and form meaningful relationships while killing Devils and working alongside other eccentric Devil Hunters.


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Chainsaw Man Part 1 consists of 97 chapters, compiled into eleven Volumes of the Jump Comics trade paperbacks.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 will continue from twelfth Volume.

# Release date Volume
1 March 4, 2019 Dog & Chainsaw
Volume 01.png

List of Chapters:

2 May 2, 2019 Chainsaw vs. Bat
Volume 02.png

List of Chapters:

3 August 2, 2019 Kill Denji
Volume 03.png

List of Chapters:

4 October 4, 2019 The Gun is Mightier
Volume 04.png

List of Chapters:

5 January 4, 2020 Minor
Volume 05.png

List of Chapters:

6 March 4, 2020 Boom Boom Boom
Volume 06.png

List of Chapters:

7 June 4, 2020 In a Dream
Volume 07.png

List of Chapters:

8 August 9, 2020 Super Mess
Volume 08.png

List of Chapters:

9 November 4, 2020 Bath
Volume 9.jpg

List of Chapters:

10 January 4, 2021 A Dog's Feeling
Volume 10.jpg

List of Chapters:

11 March 4, 2021 Go Get 'Em, Chainsaw Man
Volume 11.jpg

List of Chapters:

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format


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