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Warning: This page contains major spoilers for the Chainsaw Man series. Please read at your own risk.

The Chainsaw Man Church for World Peace ( () (かい) (へい) () チェンソーマン (きょう) (かい) Sekaiheiwa Chensōman Kyōkai?), often referred to simply as the Chainsaw Man Church (チェンソーマン (きょう) (かい) Chensōman Kyōkai?) is a cult-like project developed by Fami, Barem Bridge, Haruka Iseumi, and an unnamed elder.

Their stated intention is to aid Chainsaw Man in preventing the upcoming Age of Devils prophesized by Nostradamus and achieving a "world without evil." What they don't tell their followers is that their plan is to sacrifice them en masse so that both Chainsaw Man and the War Devil become stronger through public fear.


Fami is the supposed brain of the group, whilst Haruka's role is solely to attract more people to the cause. The role and identity of the third leader is currently unknown. While Haruka is a member of the three "leaders" he isn't fully aware of the meaning behind their actions. The church also has many of the members of "The Weapons" among its top brass. Though despite The Weapons high position’s of the church they’re disloyal to the church, As Barem one of the members of The Weapons is seen asking Denji if killing Asa will bring back Chainsaw Man, And The Weapons are planning to lure Chainsaw Man out by massacring a bunch of civilian and public safety devil hunters despite the church’s goal to stop him from fighting. Asa joined the church under the promise of separating Chainsaw Man from his Devil heart, allowing Yoru to kill the Chainsaw Devil whilst Asa can live with "her" Chainsaw Man, as a compromise between the two. Currently she's a Devil Hunter/Poster Girl for the church and is paid with its donation money.

The church uses a fake Chainsaw Man who pushes a narrative involving Adam and Eve where he wants to achieve a world without Devils, much to the chagrin of Denji. After Asa Mitaka became a member she quickly gained notoriety and many members of the public start attributing Chainsaw Man's past achievements to her instead, further frustrating Denji. Besides this the church also heavily indoctrinates its own members using conspiracy theories about America.

According to Yoshida, whilst the movement was initially founded and composed of diehard supporters and refugees from Devil attacks, its numbers exploded due to its popularity among high school students. The group also accepts donations for their campaigns, both from civilians and politicians. Its numbers were said to exceed 20,000 though the number has likely grown since.

It is revealed that the Church's main building once belonged to another cult and that the organization is run and made up almost entirely of students who are mistrustful towards adults. Every newcomer gets to sleep with a member of the opposite sex, whom they are then forced to marry in the Church's chapel and then raise their children together. The Church is also extremely anti-American, often justifying their most extreme practices by saying they’re subverting American traditions, and spread unhinged conspiracy theories about supposed acts of USA government. Denji briefly considers joining the church, but quickly changes his mind and flees once he's decided they're all insane.

Later, the cult's facilities get raided and taken over by Public Safety for possessing firearms. Members who resist get either incapacitated or killed and everyone publicly involved with the Church becomes a fugitive. Some of the former public representatives of the Church, like Haruka Iseumi and Asa Mitaka, had no knowledge of the cult's illegal activities as they were orchestrated by the church’s higher ups.


Chainsaw Man Church arc[]

The Chainsaw Man Church 's existence is revealed shortly after the Falling Devil's attack, when Haruka Iseumi is shown trying to advertise it on TV. He claims the goal of this organization is to fight Devils alongside Chainsaw Man to stop an upcoming apocalyptic threat; the Nostradamus Prophecy. Though he's met with mockery by the members of the audience, the church itself was pretty popular, numbering 20,000 members around that time, most of whom are students. The church was already large enough to start receiving political donations.

Followers of the church frequently went out into the streets and violently clashed with anti-Chainsaw Man counter-protestors and the police, spurring fears of an eventual larger conflicts as the church's numbers grew. The church has also sparked outrage among concerned parents as it's members were often assigned Devil hunting duty. In response to these accusations of irresponsibility Haruka frequently goes on TV to reassure the public that they are professionals and work closely with the city's authorities and the Ministry of Defense. He further claims that only the most devoted believers of "Chainsaw Man's teachings" are allowed Devil hunting tasks. As proof of direct cooperation with Chainsaw Man, Haruka reveals Fake Chainsaw Man to the public, claiming to be real deal, hiding behind a made up backstory.

Fami soon arrives directly at Asa's household to recruit her and Yoru into the church. To them she reveals a different goal from what's publicly stated; that being, keeping Chainsaw Man from fighting Devils in order to weaken him so Devils won't go after him. Both Asa and Yoru are convinced to join the church, as by weakening Chainsaw Man, both of them would be able to achieve their goals; Asa's being to help save Chainsaw Man as thanks for all the times he saved her, and Yoru's being to kill the Chainsaw Devil.

Despite being initially very hesitant towards Fami and the church, they ultimately agree. Within a short timeframe Asa becomes the church's most notorious Devil Hunter, slaughtering Devils in droves while also gaining a cult following of her own among the public in the process. Her quick rise to fame, impressive feats and general mystery surrounding her caused many conspiracy theories to develop among the public, one of which being that all of Chainsaw Mans past achivements were actually stolen valor from Mitaka instead. However due to drawing so much attention to herself, rumors started to spread about scars supposedly appearing on her face whilst in battle, which raised some suspicion about her.

Miri Sugo proceeds to track down Denji and meets him in an alley. After introducing himself he is promptly ignored by Denji who has to attend his class. After arriving there, Denji is surprised to see Sugo being introduced as a new student. The two of them alongside Fumiko Mifune meet up on the roof, where he tries to recruit him into the church. He further explains that "The Weapons" are already a part of the church and that they are grateful to Denji for saving them from Makima. Though mostly uninterested by the offer Denji quickly changes his mind once Sugo mentions he'll get to sleep with a girl if he joins.

At the church's headquarters, Denji is introduced to Nobana Higashiyama who informs him about the inner workings of the church. Through the tour Denji is dumbfounded by the young age of most of the members involved, the crazy conspiracy theories, forced child marriages and overall weirdness of the place. The situation isn't helped when Barem Bridge arrives. After sticking his fingers up Denjis nose, he begins inquiring on ways to force "Chainsaw Man" to return. Following that he promptly suggests killing Asa and asks Denji a loaded question, which freaks Denji out. He calls them all crazy and runs away. As he flees, Barem ominously tells him to enjoy his normal life while he can.

The following day four members of The Weapons meet up at the Family Burger Restaurant, and discuss their plan to go on a murderous rampage throughout the city to force Denji into transforming into Chainsaw Man to stop them. Miri Sugo seems conflicted and questions if going this far is truly worth it, however the other hybrids disregard his opinion.



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  • The organization is consistently called the "Chainsaw Man Kyōkai", but the written kanji for the last word is "協会 (organization/association)" when its first mentioned in Chapter 132, then "教会 (church/congregation)" afterward. For this reason, it was initially translated as "Chainsaw Man Society", but then became "Chainsaw Man Church", with the initial mention being reedited after a few days.
  • As members like Nobana and Seigi never turned into copies of Chainsaw Man, it can be deduced that there are likely many members of the Church who never contracted with the Fire Devil or who never had the wedding that sealed their fate.
  • The Chainsaw Man Church shares many elements with the new age Unification Church movement, such as their full names advocating for world peace, their prolific mass-weddings, their proclivity to perform questionable practices despite their good intentions, and their worship of a physical messiah figure. However, rather than being anti-communist and focusing its efforts on Korean Unification, the Chainsaw Man Church is instead anti-American and it's focused on preventing The Prophecy.