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Rain, Brothel, Removal ( (あめ) ・ソープ・切断 (せつだん) Ame, Sōpu, Setsudan?) is the 166th Chapter of the Chainsaw Man manga.


Katana Man reveals that the brothel he's suggesting they go to is one that he owns, to which Asa reacts with disgust. She tries to get Denji to agree with her that this is the last thing he needs, but to her shock and horror he's actually considering it. He remarks that he hasn't masturbated lately, shocking Asa, to which he responds by explaining how it might explain why he's been so depressed lately. Asa asks how he could be thinking about sex at a time like this, but he answers by drawing a comparison that sex is as important to guys as eating and sleeping. He tries to get Nobana and Haruka to agree with him but they shrug him off. Asa calls him a shameless pig and reminds him of his mission to find Nayuta, though Denji deflects and says he wants to satisfy his physical demands first.

Arriving at the brothel, Katana Man is distraught that it's burned down. To make matters worse, it starts to rain, with Asa being so fed up she doesn't care about what they eat anymore. Denji collapses to the ground and breaks down, mad at himself that he can't get his priorities straight. He admits that the main thing that caused him to return to being Chainsaw Man was the prospect of getting a harem of women. Nobana laughs half-heartedly, to which he yells at him that he's being serious. Blaming his libido for all of his problems, he pounds the ground with his fist out of frustration. Seeing an opportunity, Yoru takes control of Asa's body and offers to chop off Denji's penis for him if it helps solve his issues.


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