The Darkness Devil (やみあく Yami no akuma?) is a devil that embodies the primal fear of the dark.


The Darkness Devil's appearance is made up of many bodies with two human bodies acting as his legs and three other human bodies acting as his torso and a head akin to that of a pterodactyl with curved horns. One of the human bodies has its arms standing outwards holding out what seems to be a cape of darkness.[1]


Nothing is currently known about the Darkness Devil's personality except that it will attack anything it perceives as a threat.[2]


International Assassins arcEdit

The Darkness Devil makes its first appearance when Denji along with several other Devil Hunters and assassins are transported to Hell by the Hell Devil. It emerges out of a door in the sky and approaches the recently transported people. Some of the fighters there brace to meet it but it removes their arms through a surreal magic power that croaks like a frog. The Doll Devil, through Tolka, offers the Chainsaw Devil's heart in order to gain the power to kill Makima. The Darkness Devil fulfils the request by granting a piece of its body to Tolka's master on Earth which she swallows.[3]

With the contract complete, the Darkness Devil picks up Tolka and decapitates him. Kusakabe draws a circle on the ground using his blood and tries to use the Stone Devil against the Darkness Devil, however the Darkness Devil catches it out of the air with ease and shatters it which shatters Kusakabe in turn.[4] Beam attempts to revive Denji by giving him some of his blood and pulling his chainsaw cord, and the Darkness Devil slices Beam into multiple pieces by pointing at him.[5]

Quanxi and Tamaoki charge at the Darkness Devil simultaneously and try to kick it but the Darkness Devil swiftly scythes through them both, catching Long, Pingtsi and Power in the aftermath of its attack as well.[6] The Violence Fiend, who has had his mask removed by Kobeni Higashiyama, leaps in from above to try and kick the Darkness Devil but the Darkness Devil speaks a word and pierces the Violence Fiend multiple times. Denji leaps in off of the Violence Fiends' back and tries to attack the Darkness Devil with his chainsaw arm unsuccessfully.[7]

The Darkness Devil clasps his hands together and Denji's body contorts painfully, disabling him. The Violence Fiend leaps in once more desparately with his severed arm held in his mouth but the Darkness Devil summons a black blade which pierces the Violence Fiend and stops his attack in its tracks. It then kneels down over Aki Hayakawa and looks at him.[8]

The Darkness Devil looks at the Angel Devil and causes both him and Aki to start bleeding severely. Just as it reaches down to grab Aki, the Prinz emerges from the ground nearby and tries attacking the Darkness Devil. A frog ribbits nearby and Prinz is thrust back, losing several of her limbs in the process. Makima instructs Prinz to summon her to Hell and she faces off against the Darkness Devil.[9]

The two of them point at each other; Makima's finger breaks and the Darkness Devil begins to bleed and stoops over. Makima makes her way over to Tolka's body and the Darkness Devil clasps its hands together, breaking Makima's entire arm. As Makima uses Tolka's body as a medium to summon the Hell Devil, the Darkness Devil conjures its black blade once more and pierces Makima with it just as everyone is transported back to the department store.[10]


The Darkness Devil is described as being a transcendent being; one of the devils embodying a primal fear and has never experienced dying due to being so powerful.[11]

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Speed: The Darkness Devil can travel and attack at high speeds. It was able to appear in the midst of several devil hunters, including Quanxi without any of them being able to percieve its movements.[3] By using its multiple arms it could slice through several fighters before they could react.

Superhuman Strength: The Darkness Devil has shown to be able to lift humans and devils with great ease.

Supernatural AbilitiesEdit

Darkness Manipulation: The Darkness Devil has the ability to envelop the surrounding area in darkness, manifesting the bodies of several bisected astronauts as it does so.[12]

Sword of Darkness: The Darkness Devil summons blade with bells attached to hilt that can be telekinetically controlled to attack its enemies and once it makes contact, any being hit by it with hemorrhage blood once the bells ring.[13][14]

Limb Removal: The Darkness Devil can sever the arms of several humans, fiends and devils with seemingly no physical effort.[1]

Death-Stare: Once the Darkness devil stares directly at another being, be it devil or human, the will begin to hemorrhage immense amounts of blood until death.

Contract Creation: As a devil, the Darkness Devil can bestow contracts upon humans for a price. The only contract with it seen so far is:

  • A contract with Santa Claus, in exchange for Denji, Santa Claus gained a small portion of the devils flesh which allowed the devil hunter to manipulate their body in darkness and amplifies their total power.[15]

Blood Consumption: As a devil, the Darkness Devil should be able to restore its health by consuming blood.[16]

Revival: As a devil, the Darkness Devil should revive in Hell after being killed effectively making it immortal.[17]

Chapter AppearancesEdit

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64. Welcome To Hell Debut
65. The Darkness Devil Appears
66. Woof! Appears
67. The First Devil Hunter Absent
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