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Devils (悪魔, Akuma or デビル, Debiru) are a race of supernatural creatures that exist throughout the world. Some are extremely hostile and became hated enemies to humans and very seldom work with one another. The more human in appearance a devil becomes, the less animosity towards humans the devil in questions shows; most known are capable of communicating.


Devils are originated from Hell. When a devil is born, it is given a name. The more that name is feared the more powerful the devil is.[1] If a devil dies in Hell, they come to the human world. Once they die, devils go back to Hell. Thus they rotate in and out of these two worlds which effectively makes them immortal. According to Angel Devil, the only thing the Devils remember back from Hell is the sound of chainsaw buzzing.

Primal devils are powerful form of devils that embody fears that are known naturally since ancient times and even other devils and fiends fear them. Because of this, they are highly dangerous and never once experienced death.


Devils possess supernatural abilities which correlates with their name and unique to each other. They are able to restore his health by consuming blood from humans, fiends or other demons.

Devils are also capable of taking over a human's corpse, and turning them into a Fiend which are also possess supernatural abilities of a devil.

Devils can make a contract with humans, providing them power in exchange for a sacrifice. These contracts are binding and once a devil and a human engaged, contract occurs.

In rare cases, a devil can become fused with a human turning them into a hybrid that can partially transform into a devil and manifest a devil's abilities. There are only four known hybrids: Denji, Katana Man, Reze and Quanxi.

Known DevilsEdit


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