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Warning: This page contains major spoilers for the Chainsaw Man series. Please read at your own risk.

Devil Hunters are individuals (human or otherwise) who, as the name would imply, have taken it upon themselves to fight against Devils whenever a threat related to them should arise in the world. They tend to use contracts with Devils as means of standing a chance in combat against their monstrous opponents, giving them a massive advantage over standard law enforcement when Devils should appear.

Due to Denji's role as a Devil Hunter in both the Private Sector and Public Safety, they play a pivotal role in the story of Chainsaw Man.


Counting the Private Sector Devil Hunters, there are over a thousand devil hunters in Tokyo, meaning that being a devil hunter is considered a common profession. Devil Hunters that work for the government receive a salary regularly, just like any other government employee, while Private Sector Devil Hunters turn in bounties and do not have a permanent regular salary. Other devil hunters may choose to sell devil corpses in the black market as an alternate way to make more money.

Devil Hunters will also sometimes capture devils instead of killing them, usually for the purpose of using them to form contracts, being the Future devil a good example.

While hunting devils may allow one to earn considerably good amounts of money along with the governmental benefits for the ones who work at Public Safety, this is considered as one of the most dangerous professions in existence. Despite that, it still is a very popular profession and even schools have Devil Hunters Club for the students who seek to become one.

Relationship with Devils

Since many devil hunters had their families killed by devils, a lot of hunters have a hatred towards devils and a desire for revenge. This became especially common, after the massacre that the Gun Devil caused thirteen years before the present day. However due to how powerful some devils are, most devil hunter end up forming contracts with devils in order to be more capable of killing them. Some fiends and devils also end choosing to become devil hunters and work alongside humans. Because of this, at times a bond can form between humans and their demonic teammates. It is worth noting that since devils do not have human rights, some of them choose to help humanity out of fear of being killed by a devil hunter instead of doing so out of their own free will.

Public Safety Devil Hunters

The Public Safety Devil Hunters are an organization of government-sanctioned Devil Hunters in Japan who function similarly to a Fire Department or Police Force. They're sent to dispatch Devils in the event of a threat to the public and are tasked with resolving devil-related incidents on a smaller scale. Though the threat level of the Devils they pursue can vary, they're generally sent after bigger threats than those working in the Private Sector, according to Himeno. To compensate the fact that Devil Hunters from the public bureau are sent after more dangerous devils than private devil hunters, the government gives them more paid days off and other benefits.

Public Safety Devil Hunters are split into several different divisions. A notable division of Public Safety Devil Hunters lead by Makima employs individuals who are outliers to most of the organization at large, such as Denji, a living human who previously fused with a Devil and Power, a fiend. 

Public Safety Devil Hunters have a basic dress code. They usually wear formal clothing, such as ties and suits while Private Sector Devil Hunters do not have to follow a dress code, since they do not work for the government.


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Special Division 1

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Division 2

Private Sector Devil Hunters

These Devil Hunters work on their own or in groups with other private devil hunters. They are similar to bounty hunters and freelancers, meaning that they are not loyal nor officially employed by any government. They are sometimes also given work by the Public Sector for a certain amount of time. They usually get paid the price of the bounty on the specific devil which they capture or kill, however they usually are sent after smaller threats than the Public Safety Devil Hunters, likely because they have less resources and safety due to being self-employed.

There is little to no paperwork required to become a private devil hunter, since high schoolers and children can hunt and kill devils for money without any legal repercussion. For that reason, it can be assumed that anyone can be a private devil hunter for as long as they have the will.

It is considered an obstruction of justice when a Public Safety Devil Hunter kills a devil which a Private Sector Devil Hunter is already engaged with, this can lead to the Public Safety Devil Hunter being arrested.

Devil Hunters Club

Due to how popular being a devil hunter is as a profession, some schools have devil hunting clubs. These students are similar to private devil hunters and they usually go on patrols to hunt devils.