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"The future rules! (未来最高 Mirai saikō!?)"

The Future Devil ( () (らい) (あく) () Mirai no Akuma?) is a Devil that embodies the fear of the future. After seeing Aki Hayakawa's future, it made a contract with him, so he can see that future himself.


The Future Devil's lower half resembles a tree growing from the floor with branches and a trunk extending up to a humanoid body with outstretched arms and a horned head. Multiple vine-like streamers grow from its arms and chest.[1]

Its face has three pairs of eyes stacked on top of each other vertically and its wide mouth is almost perpetually open.[2]

The Future Devil has a large hole in the center of its chest, inside of which is another oversized eye.[3]


It has an extremely playful personality, regularly boasting that the future is best.[1] The Future Devil's contracts are typically very costly, but after witnessing Aki's future, it gives him a contract on the condition that it be allowed to reside inside his eye to witness his horrible future up close, mocking him.

After showing Aki a vision of the future, he questions the devil on its motive, only for it to respond that he must shout "The future rules!" before summoning it, which Aki quickly rebuffs.

Different than other devils, Future Devil will not just wait until he is called and sometimes intercepts the hunter's life. He gives Aki the future about his death, making Aki desperately tries to find a way to save both Power and Denji which results in himself killed by Denji solely.



At some point the Future Devil was captured alive by Public Safety and locked up. It went on to make contracts with two Public Safety Devil Hunters, with one of them giving up half their lifespan and the other giving up both eyes, their sense of taste and their sense of smell.[4]

Public Safety Saga[]

Katana Man arc[]

Kurose and Tendo lead Aki to a place where devils are locked up by public safety in order to find him a new weapon. They lead him to the Future Devil and tell him to make a contract with it. Aki enters the Future Devil's room and sees its full appearance as it announces repeatedly that the "future rules".[5]

Aki and the Future Devil talk, and the Future Devil disapproves of his attitude. It orders Aki to stick his head in its belly so that it can see his future and uses that to determine the details of their contract. After laughing at Aki's future, the Future Devil makes the offer that so long as it can live in Aki's right eye, it will help him. It reveals that the reason for why this contract is cheap is because it wishes to see Aki's future with its own eyes and that Aki is fated to die in "the worst way possible".[6]

Gun Devil arc[]

Shortly after learning about the truth regarding the Gun Devil, Aki experiences a vision of the future by the Future Devil, causing him to react with intense dread. Aki later summons the Future Devil at night, who explains that the vision he experienced is one of a near and unavoidable future - one in which Aki and Power are killed by Denji, followed by the arrival of "The Devil that Devils fear most".[7]

After witnessing Aki's death at the hands of Denji, the Future Devil reappears, laughing. He mockingly comments that he "died in the worst way possible... for the Chainsaw Boy", revealing that his death was meant to be horrible for Denji and not Aki himself.[8]

Academy Saga[]

Falling Devil arc[]

At some point, the Future Devil was re-captured by Public Safety. He predicted 23 out of 30 convicts would die in July 1999, indicating the Prophecies of Nostradamus would come true and humanity would soon meet its end.[9]


As a Devil, the Future Devil possesses all of the standard devil abilities, such the ability to make contracts with humans for a price. It's implied that the Future Devil is fairly strong, as Kurose and Tendo take Aki to see it in order to find a weapon he can use against Devils after the Fox Devil ended their contract.

The contracts with it seen so far are:

  • A contract with Aki Hayakawa, in exchange for letting the Future Devil reside in his right eye, Aki can see 4-5 seconds into the future.
  • A contract with an unnamed Public Safety Devil hunter, in exchange for half their lifespan, the Devil Hunter can use the Future Devil's power.
  • A contract with an unnamed Public Safety Devil hunter, in exchange for their eyes, sense of taste and smell, the Devil Hunter can use the Future Devil's power.
  • Contracts with 30 separate convicts, in exchange for unknown prices, each of the convicts were told the date of their deaths.

Presumably, most contracts with it give the Devil Hunter the ability to see the future momentarily. However, as Aki discovered in his fight with the Ghost Devil, there is a notable weakness in that being able to see the future does not guarantee that you can act on it, as he was overwhelmed by the Ghost Devil's barrage of attacks despite being able to see them coming.

Devil Powers[]

  • Future Sight: By having someone insert their head into the hole in its chest, the Future Devil can see that person's future.[3] It may also impart these visions on its contractors of its own volition, which it is only seen doing to cause distress about the future. These visions are absolute, though cryptic.

Chapter Appearances[]

Public Safety Saga[]

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Katana Man arc
23. Gunfire Absent
24. Curse Absent
25. Ghost, Snake, Chainsaw Absent
26. The Gun is Mightier Absent
27. From Kyoto Absent
28. Secrets & Lies Absent
29. Perfect Score Absent
30. Bruised & Battered Absent
31. The Future Rules Debut
32. Over and Over Again Appears
33. Mission Start Absent
34. Full Team Absent
35. Minor Appears
36. Katana vs. Chainsaw Absent
37. Train, Head, Chainsaw Absent
38. Easy Revenge! Absent
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Gun Devil arc
71. Bath Absent
72. All Together Absent
73. Everyday Life No More Appears
74. What the Waves Say Absent
75. 9,12 Absent
76. Don't Open It Absent
77. Ring Ring Ring Absent
78. Snowball Fight Absent
79. Play Catch Appears

Academy Saga[]

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Falling Devil arc
121. Theory of Happiness Absent
122. The Prophecies Mentioned
123. Hors D'oeuvre Absent
124. Soup Absent
125. Apple Thief Absent
126. Food Fight Absent
127. Save the Asa Absent
128. Main Dish Absent
129. Save Me, Chainsaw Man Absent
130. Kill Building Absent
131. Taste of Crap Absent

Anime Appearances[]

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Season 1
1. Dog & Chainsaw Absent
2. Arrival in Tokyo Absent
3. Meowy's Whereabouts Absent
4. Rescue Absent
5. Gun Devil Absent
6. Kill Denji Absent
7. The Taste of a Kiss Absent
8. Gunfire Absent
9. From Kyoto Absent
10. Bruised & Battered Debut
11. Mission Start Appears
12. Katana vs. Chainsaw Absent


  • The Future Devil's rankings in the Popularity Polls are as follows:
    • The Future Devil ranked 21st in the First Popularity Poll with 1,813 votes.
    • The Future Devil ranked 21st in the Second Popularity Poll with 3,023 votes.
  • The Future Devil embodies the Chronophobia, the persistent and often irrational fear of the future or the passing time. This is very often associated with a state of anticipatory anxiety, causes people to feel nervous, concerned, or fearful about the future.


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