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"If Granddad were here, he'd never stand for running away. Plus, that damn Denji is in Division 4... Next time, I'll rip out his heart!"

"You're the only one... who doesn't have a human heart anymore. If you have any semblance of a human conscience left... how about you let us kill you without a fight?"

Katana Man ( real name unknown?), known officially as Samurai Sword (サムライソード Samurai Sōdo?), is a Devil-human Hybrid who merged with the Katana Devil ( (かたな) (あく) () Katana no Akuma?). His grandfather was the Debt Collector killed by Denji and because of that, he teamed up with Akane to get revenge on Denji and steal his heart.

In the Public Safety Saga, he serves as the titular main antagonist of the Katana Man arc and a minor antagonist in the Control Devil arc.

Katana Man later returns in the Academy Saga as a supporting character, having temporarily joined Public Safety as a member of Tokyo Special Division 7 with the personal agenda of reviving his grandfather's Yakuza syndicate and killing his arch-nemesis Denji.


Human Form[]

Katana Man is a tall man with short black hair and notable sideburns. In his debut arc, Katana Man dresses in a large leather coat with a dark military uniform underneath. During his time as one of Makima's brainwashed servants, Katana Man wore the Public Safety Devil Hunter suit and tie.[3]

Hybrid Form[]

When Katana Man transforms, he grows large swords from each of his arms, and his face takes on a demonic appearance with dark skinless flesh and an oversized jaw devoid of lips. His chin becomes pointed, and another sword grows from his forehead where his eyes would be, with the handle sticking out of the back of his head. He also seemed to sport a navy blue military hat.[4]



Katana Man is a selfish, cruel-hearted, and rather unintelligent man who only cares about killing Denji and forcing him to apologize for killing his grandfather. He will sacrifice innocent people and even his own comrades to do so, being willing to cut through them just to get to Denji.[5] He has shown a complete disbelief in Denji's excuse that he killed his grandfather because he was a zombie and accused Denji of being a liar.[6]

He loves his grandfather despite knowing he was a Yakuza boss because he viewed his grandfather as a man of principles who had only killed a handful of women and children.[7] He also expresses the belief that the Yakuza are the "good guys" who protect Japan from behind the scenes, showing just how delusional he is in his ideals of justice.[8]

Despite having his physical heart replaced with the Katana Devil, Katana Man considers himself to still have a human conscience and states that he doesn't sleep well on nights where he killed a zombie, in contrast to Denji who has no guilt at all.[9] Katana Man has a harsh distaste for religion as well, believing his grandfather's idea that religion and idiots are making the world worse.[8]

When he returns in Part 2, Katana Man still retains his hatred of Denji, and resents him even more than before. Those negative feelings have become worse, to the point of attacking and slicing a devil only because he talked about "Chainsaw Man" and his justice, claiming that he has no sense of justice.[10] His hatred also extends to the symbol of Chainsaw Man as a whole, such as when screaming out of frustration at the sight of several Chainsaw Man Church members being transformed into Pseudo-Chainsaw Devils against their own will.

Katana Man's hatred for Chainsaw Man is enough that he will easily disregard orders from his superiors. Upon learning that Chainsaw Man was being held within the facility he was guarding and that Asa had come to fight him, Katana Man decides to go against Public Safety's orders to kill the intruders. Even if it means that he can never revive his defunct Yakuza syndicate, Katana Man prioritizes his hatred of Denji over everything, resulting in his betrayal of the organization to help Asa and Fami's group find his arch-nemesis.[11]

He also seems to put a great importance of being a traditional "alpha-male", complaining how young boys like Denji now act more like a "woman" by crying all day and was disgusted to the point of saying that his grandfather would be rolling in his grave if he tried to avenge him by killing "Chainsaw Woman". So, he proposes to go to a soapland to make sure Denji can regain his manhood having sexual intercourse and cheer him up.[12]

Though he largely shows indifference to violence being a former member of the Yakuza, he still seems to have an aversion to some forms of violence, being visibly disgusted when he saw Nayuta's decapitated head.[13]


Hybrid Powers[]

  • Hybrid Transformation: By removing his left hand from his body and revealing a katana which emerges from the stump, he can transform into the Katana Hybrid form with swords emerging from his arms and his head.[14] Removing the katana from his arm will undo his transformation.[15] After his transformation is undone, he is unable to fight for a while.[16]
    • Augmented Strength: Katana Man's strength is greatly enhanced in his transformed state, allowing him to cut through solid walls with his slashes.[17] He is also strong enough to cut the Fox Devil's flesh and the reinforced uniform used by Public Safety members, however he was not capable of making a deep cut in the suit with just one slash.[18]
    • Augmented Durability: In his Hybrid form, Katana Man is durable enough to survive getting thrown through walls and falling from buildings without taking any damage.[19][20] He also managed to survive being swallowed by the Fox Devil.
    • Augmented Speed: After transforming, Katana Man's speed is improved, allowing him to compete with Aki and Denji in terms of speed. He can also slash walls in the blink of an eye.[21]
      • Sword-Draw Dash: Katana Man's special technique, it is a quick-draw sword technique (also known as iajitsu) by crouching down low and preparing to unleash his swords, Katana Man can dash forward at incredible speeds and slash at his opponent as he goes by them, often appearing to simply teleport past them before his attacks appear on his opponent's body.[22] Katana Man moves faster than the average human eye can see and he can use this technique multiple times in a row without any apparent drawback. While this attack tends to only affect a specific part of the enemy's body, it does so with significant force, severing limbs or cutting the opponent in half. However, Katana Man does not actually disappear when he uses this attack, meaning it is possible to block or counterattack this move and wound him.[23] If he gets injured while using this technique, the damage will take a few moments before it appears on his body, just like when he cuts someone with this attack.
  • Blood Consumption: As a Hybrid, Katana Man is able to restore his health by consuming blood.[24] After being bifurcated by Denji, he was able to regenerate his body.
    • Nigh-Immortality: Due to being a Hybrid, Katana Man is immortal and nearly unkillable. He can survive being bifurcated, getting shot and take all kinds of injuries that would kill most Devils. Even if he dies, as long as someone removes his left hand, Katana Man can come back to life in perfect condition. After being killed by the Curse Devil, Akane managed to revive him, despite the curse being believed to be lethal.


  • Marksmanship: In his human form, Katana Man has used a handgun to gun down Denji, Aki and Himeno at close range.[25]
  • Swordsmanship: Katana Man is a skilled fighter with his arm blades, able to clash against Aki and Denji and ultimately overwhelm them with his powerful slashes.[26][27]


  • Cooldown Period: Once his transformation is undone Katana Man is unable to enter his Hybrid form again for a certain period of time. This weakness seems to be unique to him, since Denji is capable of going in and out of his Hybrid form indefinitely as long as he has enough blood - being none too bright, it's possible Katana Man simply doesn't know this aspect of his condition.

Chapter Appearances[]

Public Safety Saga[]

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Katana Man arc
23. Gunfire Debut
24. Curse Appears
25. Ghost, Snake, Chainsaw Appears
26. The Gun is Mightier Appears
27. From Kyoto Appears
28. Secrets & Lies Appears
29. Perfect Score Absent
30. Bruised & Battered Mentioned
31. The Future Rules Absent
32. Over and Over Again Appears
33. Mission Start Appears
34. Full Team Absent
35. Minor Absent
36. Katana vs. Chainsaw Appears
37. Train, Head, Chainsaw Appears
38. Easy Revenge! Appears
v  e
Bomb Girl arc
39. Tearjerker Absent
40. Love, Flower, Chainsaw Absent
41. Before the Storm Absent
42. Teach Me How to Swim Absent
43. Jane Fell Asleep in the Church Absent
44. Boom Boom Boom Absent
45. A Fine Day for Explosions Absent
46. The Melody of a Massacre Absent
47. Luck With Women Absent
48. Kaboom Kaboom Kaboom Absent
49. Shark Hurricane Mentioned
50. Sharknado Absent
51. Dark Diving Absent
52. Lost Love, Flower, Chainsaw Absent
v  e
Control Devil arc
80. A Dog's Feelings Absent
81. Paw Absent
82. Always Eat A Hearty Breakfast Absent
83. Death, Resurrection, Chainsaw Absent
84. Hero Of Hell Absent
85. Bloody Good Gut Feeling Absent
86. Date Chainsaw Appears
87. Chainsaw Man vs. the Horrifying Weapon Humans Appears
88. Star Chainsaw Absent
89. Go Get 'Em, Chainsaw Man Absent
90. Super Power Absent
91. Power, Power, Power Absent
92. Zombie, Blood, Chainsaw Absent
93. You & Crappy Movies Appears
94. Chainsaw Man vs. the Weapon Humans Appears
95. Chainsaw Man vs. Control Devil Absent
96. This Kind of Taste Absent
97. I, Love, Chainsaw Absent

Academy Saga[]

v  e
Chainsaw Man Church arc
132. Protection Absent
133. Chainsaw Man Protest Absent
134. Ordinary Happiness Absent
135. Sentimental Drive Absent
136. Normal Life Absent
137. Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Absent
138. Sword Man Absent
139. A Chair's Feelings Absent
140. Scales Absent
141. Normal Life Plus Absent
142. Denji Fan Club Absent
143. Rawr Absent
144. Guns, Nails, Katana Appears
145. Kumbaya Mentioned
146. Chainsaw Man War Appears
147. Cremation Absent
148. Room 606 Sword Absent
149. Devil's Choice Absent
150. Dream’s Next Stage Absent
151. The Return of Chainsaw Man Absent
152. Massage Absent
153. Chainsaw Man Hunters Absent
154. All Pets Absent
155. The Old Me Absent
v  e
Current arc
156. Whup Whup Whup Whup Bzzz Split Split Absent
157. College Fund Absent
158. Gyohnee Guillotine Absent
159. Attack on Samurai Appears
160. That for Which the Heart Beats Appears
161. Chainsaw Man Puzzle Appears
162. Fearsome Appears
163. Dream Balls Appears
164. Charred Remains Appears
165. Everyday Scenery Appears
166. Rain, Brothel, Removal Appears
167. Super Smooch Absent
168. Kiss, Love, Sperm Appears
169. Hands and Adaptation Appears
170. How to Eat Sushi Appears
171. Special Division 5 Absent

Anime Appearances[]

v  e
Season 1
1. Dog & Chainsaw Absent
2. Arrival in Tokyo Absent
3. Meowy's Whereabouts Absent
4. Rescue Absent
5. Gun Devil Absent
6. Kill Denji Absent
7. The Taste of a Kiss Absent
8. Gunfire Debut
9. From Kyoto Appears
10. Bruised & Battered Absent
11. Mission Start Appears
12. Katana vs. Chainsaw Appears


  • Katana Man's rankings in the Popularity Polls are as follows:
    • Katana Man ranked 25th in the First Popularity Poll with 1,176 votes.
    • Katana Man ranked 32nd in the Second Popularity Poll with 1,279 votes.
  • When Katana Man uses his Sword-Draw Dash attack, his position mimics a swordsman reaching for the blade at their waist, with the left hand acting as the katana and the right hand moving in a position to draw it.
  • Katana Man's hybrid form bears resemblance to Karl Ruprecht Kroenen from Hellboy - having two blades going from his forearms and a military long black leather coat and hat.
  • Katana Man revealed that he kept tabs on Asa during her time as the Chainsaw Man Church's poster girl. This even extends to knowing when her poetry collection was going on sale.
    • When the Nail Fiend asks him if he is a fan of Asa, Katana Man vehemently denies it. This presumably implies that he either doesn't want to admit he is one, or hates Chainsaw Man to such a degree that he obsessively does research on people publicly associated with him.[28]


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