Kishibe (きし Kishibe?) is a Public Safety Devil Hunter from Special Division 1, but after the assault on the Special Divisions, he became captain of the Special Division 4.


Kishibe is a grizzled man with scraggly facial hair and a stitched scar running across his left cheek from his mouth. As a young adult his hair was black, but has since then become grey. With two piercings on his left ear and one on his right ear, Kishibe normally wears the standard Public Safety Devil Hunter uniform with a large overcoat. [1]

He is often seen with a silver hip flask which he frequently drinks from.[1][2]


Kishibe is a stoic, straightforward individual. Due to his immense strength and skill, he often undertakes his work with a calm formality, displaying little emotion as he does so. Though he tends to speak in a relaxed, polite manner, his actions often showcase an immense brutality garnered through many years of Devil Hunting. Though he sometimes expresses emotions such as surprise and sadness at certain events, his face and voice remain entirely neutral.

Despite this stoicism, Kishibe has proven on numerous occasions to be something of a sentimental and emotional individual. During his training of Denji and Power, despite his stated hatred of Fiends and Devils, he grows affectionate towards the pair, telling Makima of his concerns for their safety. He later takes care of Meowy for them as a favor when they go on a trip. Similarly, he refuses to look at the corpse of Quanxi upon her death due to their implied past-friendship, despite the twos attempts to kill one another earlier in the day.

Kishibe has been hunting devils for a long time, making him somewhat insane. He espouses a belief that the most fearsome devil hunters to devils isn't the brave or the strong, but the craziest as they are the ones without fear.[3]

Kishibe told Denji and Power that he prefers to be called 'Master' while training them. He admits that he enjoys booze, women and killing devils.[4]



Kishibe met with Quanxi while he was young. During their first meeting, Kishibe asked Quanxi to become his woman and he was rejected by her immediately while taking a punch from her. This occurrence has been repeated several times until nine years later after their first encounter, she declared that she is interested in girls.

Kishibe met with Himeno as she visited her old buddy's graves in a cemetery. He explains to her that the type of devil hunters that devils fear the most isn't the strongest or the bravest but the craziest, which is why all of her former partners, who were too sane, are dead. He asks about Aki and talks about the Gun Devil which all hunters dream of capturing. His words have a profound effect on her as she realizes that Aki may make it to the Gun Devil but he isn't crazy enough to survive.[3]

Eternity Devil arc

Himeno recalled Kishibe's words to her in the cemetery as she watched Denji battle the Eternity Devil.[5]

Katana Man arc

Makima leads Denji and Power into a cemetery to meet the man who will train them. Before she can introduce him he tells her to be quiet and asks Denji and Power some questions in order to ascertain what type of people they are. He rates their answers with a perfect score and tells Makima that she can go as training will begin immediately. He introduces himself to Denji and Power by wrapping his arms around their necks and snapping them.[6]

He explains to them that their muscle and skeletal structures are the same as humans and that they can be incapacitated the same way as any humans - the main difference between them and humans is that they can recover by drinking blood, and he provides a bloodpack to heal both of them.[7] He explains that his training regimen for them will be totally new since his only experience is in training humans. He declares that there will be nonstop battle until they succeed in taking him down; as any who takes down a powerhouse like him must be a powerhouse themselves. Kishibe easily evades Denji's attack and counters with brutal efficiency, taking down Denji and Power.[8]

After a full day of 'training' he decides to head home for some sleep and leaves Denji and Power to try and plan their next plan of attack.[9]

The next day Kishibe climbs the stairs to their apartment, complaining that they were skipping his lessons. As he approaches their front door Power launches the planned surprise attack; throwing a blood spear through the door which he deftly avoids and breaks. She follows it up by forcing blood spears to emerge from the ceiling out of bottles of blood she had stashed on the floor above. As he evades the attacks Denji drops down from behind and attempts to cut him with an axe but Kishibe swiftly kicks Denji in the head and incapacitates him. He compliments them on their performance and pretends to leave before throwing his knife into Denji's head and warns them that they shouldn't trust a word he says.[10]

Days later Kishibe declares that their training will be switched from daily to weekly after they manage to land a shallow cut on his cheek. He gives them some parting advice and informs them that the operation to take down the Katana Man and Akane Sawatari will commence tomorrow.[11] He later has a drink with Makima and accuses her of knowing about the ambush that got most of the Special Division killed. Makima halfheartedly denies it by stating that she came under gunfire too. Kishibe declares that he doesn't care what she does so long as she remains on humanity's side. Makima claims that she only wants to save as many people as possible from devils. Kishibe calls her a liar and Makima enigmatically smiles in response.[12]

Outside of the terrorist's base, Kishibe declares that there will be no plan of attack; they will simply throw every Special Division member into the building to defeat the enemy.[13] He remains outside to coordinate with local devil hunters and the police and gives them the rundown on the Special Division's nonhuman members.[14]

Bomb Girl arc

Kishibe visits the aftermath of the Special Division's battle against Reze and the Typhoon Devil. He explains to Aki about a fairy tale in the Soviet Union about children who are kidnapped by the army and trained to be soldiers from a young age, and the Reze is one of those children.[2]

International Assassins arc

Kishibe meets with Makima to discuss the various threats that will be coming after Denji now that his identity has been released on the news. Makima comments that Quanxi is apparently coming to Japan which Kishibe isn't keen about as he considers her to be one of the strongest fighters on the planet and that she'll be tricky to handle. Makima comments that the one they'll really need to watch out for is Germany's Santa Claus. Kishibe asks her if she really thinks he'll come and she acknowledges that there is a rumor that he died of old age which Kishibe prays is true.[15]

Kishibe appears outside of the mall where several assassins are attacking Denji's group, with Kobeni Higashiyama and the Violence Fiend behind him. He instructs the two of them to clean up the dolls in the area while he handles Quanxi's harem of fiends who are also outside. The fiends dismiss him as nobody special, commenting that he barely has any body parts left to sacrifice for contracts.[16]

Kishibe easily subdues two of the fiends while the other two escape. He takes them into the mall as hostages to convince Quanxi to stop fighting and the two of them sit at a table together. As they speak with each other Kishibe shows Quanxi written messages on a notepad, informing her that he plans to kill Makima and that if Quanxi cooperates with him he will release her and her fiends, and guarantee their safety. Quanxi seemingly rejects his offer as another Public Safety Devil Hunter appears. Kishibe kicks Denji into the man, who is actually Aldo, throwing off the devil hunter's aim and Quanxi uses the fight as an opportunity to land a punch on Kishibe's face.[17]

Quanxi follows up her attack with a knee to Kishibe's face. Kishibe tries to stab her with a knifee but she catches it between her fingers, and then catches his follow-up kick. She picks him up by his leg and throws him out of a nearby window. Kishibe slows his fall by stabbing a knife into the wall and falls the rest of the way before landing on the roof of Kobeni's car.[18] Kishibe later notices Aldo being thrown out of a window and landing on the same car.[19]

Kishibe, Hirofumi Yoshida and Aldo all see the enormous hand of the Hell Devil descend from the sky to transport everyone inside the department store to Hell, leaving them behind.[20]

Kishibe and Hirofumi later share a drink together, sitting on top of one of the Octopus Devil's tentacles as it kills nearby dolls for them. They discuss Makima and Santa Claus and how both of them are working towards objectives that they don't know about though Hirofumi doesn't care so long as he gets paid. Kishibe double-checks with him that Makima isn't listening to their conversation and Hirofumi confirms that the Octopus Devil has checked that there are no small creatures in the vicinity. Kishibe warns him not to stick his head into places where he shouldn't but Hirofumi counters that he doesn't have time for that since finals are coming up.[21]

After the battle against Santa Claus is complete, Kishibe and Hirofumi approach Quanxi who prepares to fight them but both of them don blindfolds on and stand back as Makima arrives and instantly decapitates Quanxi and her two surviving subordinates. Kishibe feels Quanxi's blood splatter on his cheek, and after Hirofumi asks him if he's going to take off the blindfold, Kishibe tells him he doesn't want to see a thing.[22]

Gun Devil arc

When Aki, Power and Denji go on a trip to Hokkaido for a couple of days, Aki takes Meowy to Kishibe to look after. He asks if Kishibe would like a souvenier to which Kishibe simply responds with "Alcohol."[23]

After the trip Aki collects Meowy from Kishibe and he asks him if Division 4 can withdraw from the mission to capture the Gun Devil. Kishibe obliges after informing him that Aki won't get the chance to acquire any information on the Gun Devil if the operation procedes without him which Aki accepts. When Kishibe asks Aki why he had a change of heart, Aki tells him that he got cold feet while thinking of Power and Denji.[24]

Control Devil arc


Kishibe is the strongest member of Special Division 4 according to Makima, followed by the Angel Devil.[25] Kishibe has described himself as being the strongest devil hunter.[26]

Kishibe has contracts with at least three devils which have described as being "fairly dangerous".[27]

Though he was initially dismissed by them as being no one special, Kishibe proved strong enough to easily subdue two of the fiends who work for Quanxi singlehandedly.[28]

Physical Abilities

Enhanced Strength: Kishibe is extremely strong for a human; he was able to pick Denji and Power up off the ground with one arm each and snap their necks with neither of them being able to stop him.[29][30] With simple punches he could break weapons formed out of Power's hardened blood.[31]

Enhanced Speed: Kishibe is an extremely quick fighter; able to dodge Denji's slash and counter-attack by stabbing him several times before Denji could react, and slash Power's throat before she could start her own attack.[32]

Enhanced Reflexes: Kishibe has superhuman reflexes, being able to dodge a spear at point-blank range which was thrust through the door in front of him by surprise and react to incoming attacks from directly above him.[33]

Enhanced Durability: Kishibe could survive being thrown out of a window and falling hard enough to crush the roof of a car, though he did slow his descent by stabbing a knife into the side of the building.[18]

Devil Contracts

Claw Devil Contract: Kishibe has a contract with the Claw Devil for an unknown price.[27]

Knife Devil Contract: Kishibe has a contract with the Knife Devil for an unknown price.[27]

Needle Devil Contract: Kishibe has a contract with the Needle Devil for an unknown price.[27]


Knifemanship: Kishibe is very proficient at using knives in combat; after evading Denji's strike he repeatedly stabbed Denji in the back before driving the knife up through his jaw and into his brain, before slashing Power's throat.[32] He also have great marksmanship, as he was able to throw his knife accurately down a hallway to hit Denji in the head.[34]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Kishibe is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. When Denji attempted to attack him from behind Kishibe could spin and kick in a single fluid motion to strike Denji's head and leave him incapacitated.[35]

Chapter Appearances

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Eternity Devil arc
14. French Kiss Absent
15. Endless 8th Floor Absent
16. The First Taste Absent
17. Kill Denji Absent
18. Chainsaw vs. Eternity Absent
19. Nobel Prize Flashback
20. Drinking Absent
21. Taste of a Kiss Absent
22. Cola-Flavor Chupa Chups Absent
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Katana Man arc
23. Gunfire Absent
24. Curse Absent
25. Ghost, Snake, Chainsaw Absent
26. The Gun is Mightier Absent
27. From Kyoto Absent
28. Secrets & Lies Absent
29. Perfect Score Debut
30. Bruised & Battered Appears
31. The Future Rules Appears
32. Over and Over Again Appears
33. Mission Start Appears
34. Full Team Appears
35. Minor Absent
36. Katana vs. Chainsaw Absent
37. Train, Head, Chainsaw Absent
38. Easy Revenge! Absent
39. Tearjerker Absent
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Bomb Girl arc
40. Love, Flower, Chainsaw Absent
41. Before the Storm Mentioned
42. Teach Me How to Swim Absent
43. Jane Fell Asleep in the Church Absent
44. Boom Boom Boom Absent
45. A Fine Day for Explosions Absent
46. The Melody of a Massacre Absent
47. Luck With Women Absent
48. Kaboom Kaboom Kaboom Absent
49. Shark Hurricane Absent
50. Sharknado Absent
51. Dark Diving Absent
52. Lost Love, Flower, Chainsaw Appears
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International Assassins arc
53. In a Dream Absent
54. To Go to Enoshima Appears
55. Let's Go Absent
56. A Curse and A Fist Absent
57. Suddenly Absent
58. Yutaro Kurose Absent
59. Mess Absent
60. Quanxi and Fiends' 49-Person Massacre Absent
61. News Reporter Appears
62. Super Mess Appears
63. Trip To Hell Appears
64. Welcome To Hell Absent
65. The Darkness Devil Absent
66. Woof! Absent
67. The First Devil Hunter Appears
68. Dark Power Absent
69. Shining Power Absent
70. Pinch Appears
71. Bath Absent
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Gun Devil arc
72. All Together Appears
73. Everyday Life No More Absent
74. What the Waves Say Absent
75. 9,12 Absent
76. Don't Open It Absent
77. Ring Ring Ring Absent
78. Snowball Fight Absent
79. Play Catch Absent
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Control Devil arc
80. A Dog's Feelings Absent
81. Paw Absent
82. Always Eat A Hearty Breakfast Absent
83. Death, Resurrection, Chainsaw Appears
84. Hero Of Hell Appears
85. Bloody Good Gut Feeling Appears
86. Date Chainsaw Absent
87. Chainsaw Man vs. the Horrifying Weapon Humans Absent
88. Star Chainsaw Absent
89. Go Get 'Em, Chainsaw Man Absent
90. Super Power Absent
91. Power, Power, Power Appears
92. Zombie, Blood, Chainsaw Appears
93. You & Crappy Movies Appears
94. Chainsaw Man vs. the Weapon Humans Absent
95. Chainsaw Man vs. Control Devil Absent
96. This Kind of Taste Appears
97. I, Love, Chainsaw Appears


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