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"Your necessary evil is just an excuse to justify your own crimes. Those excuses are unnecessary to society. The truly necessary evils are always kept collared and controlled by the state."

"I want to use Chainsaw Man to create a better world." ― Makima explaining her goals to Kishibe

"Any source of happiness you experience? I'll be the one to create and destroy it all. You helped me kill Power. There might have been a way for you to save Hayakawa, but you killed him too. You even murdered your own father. Someone like you has no right to wish for a normal life, do they?" ― Makima trying to break Denji

Makima (マキマ?) is the main antagonist of the Public Safety Saga. She was the Chief Cabinet Secretary's Personal Devil Hunter who took Denji in as her human pet.

She is later revealed to be the Control Devil ( () (はい) (あく) () Shihai no Akuma?) who embodies the fear of control or conquest and a member of the Four Horsemen at the time. Following her death, she was reincarnated as Nayuta.


Makima is a Devil resembling a human woman in her twenties of average build, and marginally above average height. She has long light red/pale auburn hair, normally kept in a loose braid with bangs reaching just past her eyebrows and two longer side bangs that frame her face. Her eyes are yellow with multiple red rings within them, making them the only visible sign of her inhuman nature.

Her usual Public Safety uniform consists of a white long-sleeved shirt, a black tie, black pants and brown shoes. During the Eternity Devil Arc. She commonly wore what seems to be a black blazer still showing part of her uniform showing mostly the tie and nothing else.


On the surface, Makima seems to be a kind, gentle, social and friendly woman who is usually seen wearing a smile on her face the entire time and acts relaxed and confident even during a crisis, speaking in a professional tone to her workers. As her natural appearance is nearly identical to that of a human, she avoids disclosing her Devil nature to most of her underlings and spends much of the series posing as a human contracted to a Devil rather than a Devil herself. However, this is only a facade that she uses to fulfill her ultimate goal. After the death of Aki Hayakawa, Makima begins to reveal her true colors to Denji. Makima's true face is of someone that is Machiavellian and calculating, who sees people around her as nothing more than "dogs" she can use as much as she likes and must obey her without any hesitation.

Makima has demonstrated herself to be extremely cunning, cold and manipulative as she controls Denji through the promises of a romantic and sexual relationship while also threatening him with outright extermination if he disobeys her. Ruthless and normally dispassionate, she will do whatever it takes to reach her goals, even at the cost of the people she should be protecting.

Makima also realizes that she is not a good person and deems herself as "necessary evil"; a weapon under control of the Japanese government, just like Gun Devil which is under the control of the American government. She is not afraid of her plans derailing, since whether her plans fail or succeed, she will almost always achieve something she wants.

Makima is an extreme fan of Chainsaw Man, the "Hero of Hell". Fascinated by its ability to wipe out the embodied concept of a Devil through consuming them, her stated goal is to bring Chainsaw Man under her control in order to use its abilities to create an ideal world without fear, death, and “bad” movies. However, failure is also acceptable, as it would mean being eaten—an honor according to her.

Makima's true goal, however, was to be together forever with Pochita and lead a happy life with him. She always yearned for something like a family, being incapable of forming equal and meaningful relationships as the Control Devil.



The Chainsaw Devil is perhaps the only individual Makima has ever shown genuine interest or affection towards. Furthermore, Pochita is one of the only people whom she does not believe to be beneath her due to his legendary status and power.

So deep was Makima's admiration for Pochita that she devised an elaborate plan to break Pochita's contract with Denji by psychologically breaking Denji's spirit and force him to give up on his dreams. She planned to defeat Chainsaw Man to have her submit to him, but Makima admitted that she would be okay if her plan failed and she was consumed by Pochita, viewing it as an honor.


Initially, Makima appeared to be extremely generous towards Denji, giving him a job as a Devil Hunter, letting him live with Power and Aki to create a familial bond with them, and allowing him to have some limited freedom. She would often grant Denji's wishes to help him achieve his goals and desires.

However, that was all an elaborate plan to give Denji happiness only to later plunge him into despair in order to break the contract Denji had made with Pochita and give Pochita control of his body again. Makima had never once held any sort of affection or sentiment towards Denji, and had no interest of him as she never memorized Denji's scent.

Aki Hayakawa

Makima appeared to respect Aki's judgement and abilities, assigning him to take care of Denji and Power in his apartment because she trusted him more than anyone else. However, in reality, she only saw him as another pawn in her overarching scheme concerning Pochita.


Makima is one of the strongest individuals in the world of Chainsaw Man thanks to her physical and supernatural abilities as a Devil, along with her cunning and manipulative personality. She is feared by humans, Fiends and Devils all around the world, which increases her powers as a Devil. According to the President of the United States, other countries besides America have already given up trying to fight her.

As a Devil, Makima possesses all of the standard Devil abilities. These include the ability to make contracts with humans. Thanks to her ability to control humans, she is also able to force them to make a contract with herself. Makima made a contract with the Prime Minister of Japan in return for working for the Japanese government. As a result of this contract, any fatal attacks inflicted to Makima are transferred into an appropriate illness or ailment affecting a random citizen of Japan. She was shown to have been shot in the back of the head and seemingly killed, only to stand up later with no visible wounds. She stated that she was merely grazed by the bullet, but this is unlikely given the placement of the gun when it was fired, as well as the location of the blood from the exit wound. Later, she was killed by the Gun Devil after it fired a bullet through her head, though it did not finish her off. It is confirmed that she had been killed twenty-six times up until the attack of the Gun Devil. Later on, she gets killed by Pochita several times during their final confrontation.

However, Denji found a way to bypass the conditions of her contract with the Prime Minister of Japan by killing her in order to end her misery, which he viewed as a form of love rather than an attack. After being eaten by him, she returned to Hell and subsequently reincarnated in China as Nayuta due to the revival ability of Devils.

Physical Abilities

  • Immense Strength: Makima possesses a great deal of physical strength allowing her to fight effectively in hand-to-hand combat without relying on any of her subordinates. Her strength was great enough to overwhelm Pochita's weakened form and shatter his chainsaws with her strikes.
  • Enhanced Smell: According to Denji, Makima primarily differentiates others through smell. In their first encounter, she was able to detect that Pochita still existed within Denji through his scent. However, she cannot differentiate between humans through sight, similar to how humans cannot differentiate between dogs by their faces.

Supernatural Abilities

  • Control ( () (はい) Shihai?): As Makima embodies the fear of control or conquest/domination, her core ability reflects this nature. Besides her Machiavellian tendencies, Makima holds the power to directly control her inferiors, stating as follows: "I have the power to control those I consider to be of lesser rank than myself." (私は自分より程度が低いと思う者を支配できる力があります Watashi wa jibun yori teido ga hikui to omou mono o shihai dekiru chikara ga arimasu?).[2] This "brainwashing" ability works on any being — from humans to animals, to Devils, to Fiends, to Hybrids, and she was not shown to have a limit to the number of subjects she can keep under control at once. It seems as though once placed under her control, a victim subsequently loses their memory of anything that happened immediately before they put under control, and of anything they did while being controlled.
    • Makima can channel the power of her victims by summoning them through chains connected to her body. It has been shown that she can use the abilities of the Angel Devil, Future Devil, Snake Devil, Punishment Devil, Spider Devil, and Zombie Devil. Even deceased individuals can be controlled in this manner. Makima was able to form a squad of weapon Hybrids, three of which (Reze, Quanxi, and Katana Man) were former enemies who now behaved affectionately towards her. This suggests that Makima can control individuals outright as well as warp their personalities in subtle ways. Makima's control can be broken however, as seen with Angel Devil.
    • She borrows the hearing of rats, birds and other small animals she controls to hear conversations remotely, seemingly anywhere on the planet and possibly extending into Hell itself.[3][4][5] She was able to spy on Denji and Reze's conversation and was listening in on Kishibe's conversation with Quanxi.[6] This ability can be circumvented by communicating nonverbally such as writing on a piece of paper.[3]
    • She has been shown to control a large number of rats which allow her to travel around using them. These rats can then cluster together to form the shape of a human and thus allow for Makima to be transported to that location instantly.[7] Makima is also able to summoned through Princi's zipper, which can move her from Earth to hell or wherever the Spider Devil happens to be.
    • She has demonstrated the ability to make others hear her voice by placing her hand on their head even if the person is dead.[8] She uses this to command the Devils that the person is currently contracted with.
  • Force Manipulation: Makima has been shown to offensively manipulate an invisible force in a variety of way similar to Darkness Devil. This force can be used to damage her weak targets internally by simply staring at them. Depending on the situation, she can use this power in other various way such as:
    • She has shown to cause her target to be crushed by an invisible force from over long distances. In order to use this technique, Makima appears to require a high altitude place such as a shrine, the name of a target and a human sacrifice. Makima forms a symbol with her hands and instructs the sacrifice to utter the name of the target. The sacrifice then dies and target is subsequently crushed, preceded by a brief sense of "wrongness". This attack completely destroys the target's body but causes no damage to adjacent people or objects, even the target's clothes. While using this ability, sacrifices and witnesses are blindfolded. She used this ability once from Kyoto to kill the goons of Sawatari's gang.
    • She has been shown to inflict damage by projecting an invisible force to targets she points at with her index finger[9] which is strong enough to heavily damage Darkness Devil, who is a Primal Devil, kill Power instantly[10] and send an empowered Chainsaw Man high into the atmosphere when she used it repetitively against him. She usually says "Bang! (バン!)" while using this ability.
    • She has been shown to remove the heads of her targets in the vicinity from a short-to-mid range by using a sword; similar to her ability to crush her targets remotely, the people around her close their eyes with a black cloth.

Other Abilities

  • High Alcohol Tolerance: Makima has an exceedingly high tolerance for drinking alcohol; able to out-drink both Aki Hayakawa and Himeno without showing any signs of being debilitated by the vast quantities of liquor/ethanol.[11] However, due to her contract with the Japanese Prime Minister, it is likely that any damage her excessive drinking would have caused was redirected to a random Japanese citizen.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Makima is very a proficient combatant, despite not usually being seen fighting. She was capable of defeating a weakened Pochita by herself and only using her fighting skills, she even managed to rip Pochita's heart from his body by restraining him after she defeated him.
  • High Intelligence: Makima has shown to be a highly intelligent individual. Even without using her Devil powers, she is very cunning and manipulative. A fine example is the way she controls Denji throughout most of Part 1's story. Makima knows what exactly to say, move and how to react in order to make Denji her pet. Being aware of Denji's desires, she often interferes by making him feel that he is a person, and behind the scenes, she is pulling the strings in order to achieve her goal. Just like she helps him feel love and happiness, she also attacks and makes her move to destroy his personal relationships in order to make him feel desperate and guilty over the losses he suffers.

Chapter Appearances

Public Safety Saga

v  e
Intro arc
1. Dog & Chainsaw Debut
2. The Place Where Pochita Is Appears
3. Arrival in Tokyo Appears
4. Power Appears
v  e
Bat Devil arc
5. A Way to Touch Some Boobs Appears
6. Service Appears
7. Meowy's Whereabouts Absent
8. Chainsaw vs. Bat Absent
9. Rescue Absent
10. Kon Absent
11. Compromise Appears
12. Squeeze Appears
13. Gun Devil Appears
v  e
Eternity Devil arc
14. French Kiss Flashback
15. Endless 8th Floor Absent
16. The First Taste Absent
17. Kill Denji Absent
18. Chainsaw vs. Eternity Absent
19. Nobel Prize Absent
20. Drinking Appears
21. Taste of a Kiss Appears
22. Cola-Flavor Chupa Chups Appears
v  e
Katana Man arc
23. Gunfire Absent
24. Curse Absent
25. Ghost, Snake, Chainsaw Absent
26. The Gun is Mightier Appears
27. From Kyoto Appears
28. Secrets & Lies Appears
29. Perfect Score Appears
30. Bruised & Battered Absent
31. The Future Rules Absent
32. Over and Over Again Appears
33. Mission Start Appears
34. Full Team Absent
35. Minor Absent
36. Katana vs. Chainsaw Absent
37. Train, Head, Chainsaw Absent
38. Easy Revenge! Appears
v  e
Bomb Girl arc
39. Tearjerker Appears
40. Love, Flower, Chainsaw Flashback
41. Before the Storm Flashback
42. Teach Me How to Swim Flashback
43. Jane Fell Asleep in the Church Mentioned
44. Boom Boom Boom Absent
45. A Fine Day for Explosions Mentioned
46. The Melody of a Massacre Absent
47. Luck With Women Flashback
48. Kaboom Kaboom Kaboom Absent
49. Shark Hurricane Absent
50. Sharknado Absent
51. Dark Diving Absent
52. Lost Love, Flower, Chainsaw Appears
v  e
International Assassins arc
53. In a Dream Appears
54. To Go to Enoshima Appears
55. Let's Go Flashback
56. A Curse and A Fist Mentioned
57. Suddenly Absent
58. Yutaro Kurose Absent
59. Mess Appears
60. Quanxi and Fiends' 49-Person Massacre Absent
61. News Reporter Mentioned
62. Super Mess Absent
63. Trip To Hell Absent
64. Welcome To Hell Mentioned
65. The Darkness Devil Absent
66. Woof! Appears
67. The First Devil Hunter Appears
68. Dark Power Absent
69. Shining Power Mentioned
70. Pinch Appears
v  e
Gun Devil arc
71. Bath Flashback
72. All Together Absent
73. Everyday Life No More Appears
74. What the Waves Say Appears
75. 9,12 Appears
76. Don't Open It Appears
77. Ring Ring Ring Appears
78. Snowball Fight Absent
79. Play Catch Absent
v  e
Control Devil arc
80. A Dog's Feelings Appears
81. Paw Appears
82. Always Eat A Hearty Breakfast Appears
83. Death, Resurrection, Chainsaw Appears
84. Hero Of Hell Appears
85. Bloody Good Gut Feeling Appears
86. Date Chainsaw Appears
87. Chainsaw Man vs. the Horrifying Weapon Humans Appears
88. Star Chainsaw Appears
89. Go Get 'Em, Chainsaw Man Appears
90. Super Power Appears
91. Power, Power, Power Appears
92. Zombie, Blood, Chainsaw Mentioned
93. You & Crappy Movies Appears
94. Chainsaw Man vs. the Weapon Humans Appears
95. Chainsaw Man vs. Control Devil Appears
96. This Kind of Taste Death
97. I, Love, Chainsaw Mentioned

Academy Saga

v  e
Justice Devil arc
98. Bird & War Absent
99. Two Birds Absent
100. How to Walk Shoeless Absent
101. Afterschool Devil Hunters Absent
102. Save the Cat Absent
103. Denji Dream Absent
104. Spoiler Mentioned
105. Red Hot Absent
106. Bonfire Absent
107. School Attacker Absent
108. Something Important to Asa Absent
109. The Easy Way to Stop Bullying Absent
110. A Ring in the Night Absent
111. Aha Ha Ha Ha Absent
v  e
Chainsaw Man Church arc
132. Protection Absent
133. Chainsaw Man Protest Absent
134. Ordinary Happiness Absent
135. Sentimental Drive Absent
136. Normal Life Absent
137. Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Absent
138. Sword Man Absent
139. A Chair's Feelings Mentioned
140. Scales Absent
141. Normal Life Plus Absent
142. Denji Fan Club Absent
143. Rawr Absent
144. Guns, Nails, Katana Absent
145. Kumbaya Absent
146. Chainsaw Man War Absent
147. Cremation Mentioned
148. Room 606 Sword Absent
149. Devil's Choice Absent
150. Dream’s Next Stage Absent
151. The Return of Chainsaw Man Mentioned
152. Massage Absent
153. Chainsaw Man Hunters Absent
154. All Pets Absent
155. The Old Me Mentioned

Anime Appearances

v  e
Season 1
1. Dog & Chainsaw Debut
2. Arrival in Tokyo Appears
3. Meowy's Whereabouts Appears
4. Rescue Appears
5. Gun Devil Appears
6. Kill Denji Absent
7. The Taste of a Kiss Appears
8. Gunfire Appears
9. From Kyoto Appears
10. Bruised & Battered Appears
11. Mission Start Appears
12. Katana vs. Chainsaw Appears


  • Makima's name is written in katakana (マキマ), though it seems to have no special meaning to it. However, the "maki" (マキ) in her name seems to be from "Makita", which is the name of a Japanese manufacturer of power tools that also creates chainsaws (noting her idolization of Chainsaw Man).


  • Makima's rankings in the Popularity Polls are as follows:
    • Makima ranked 2nd in the First Popularity Poll with 27,224 votes.
    • Makima ranked 2nd in the Second Popularity Poll with 76,733 votes.
  • As seen for her prototype design, Makima's height was originally planned to be 173 cm (5'8").[12]
  • Makima smokes "hi-fight"s, likely a reference to the Japanese tobacco brand "hi-lite."
  • Makima was the first character Fujimoto had a solid image of as she is a character in "Breath of The Stars", one of the serialized works in Fujimoto's head, out of many fantasy stories he imagined in Junior High.
  • Makima was partially based on "Benten", a character in "The Eccentric Family" that Fujimoto liked, for she is an unfathomable higher being, with her own sadness that we lowly humans can't comprehend—something Fujimoto wanted to convey in Makima.
  • Fujimoto has mentioned FLCL as a source of inspiration for the girls of Chainsaw Man, and Makima is likely based on Haruko from FLCL who is a manipulative, unpredictable being.
  • According to Fujimoto, if you remove the "ki" from Makima's name, you're left with "Mama", which ties in with Denji, who has always been pursuing maternal things since he never knew his mom because she died at a young age.
    • The most common spelling of Makima in Japanese is 牧間, which can be read, as a play on 人間/"human", as "shepherd". Which can go with how she essentially can make people into her "sheeple."
    • The two kana that form her name are homophones for "ma (魔)" and "ki (鬼)", both different words for "demon".
  • Makima's Japanese Devil Name, Shihai (支配), uses the same kanji as the Japanese translation for the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Christian mythology. Given Makima's status as a member of the group, her name could also be interpreted as the Conquest Devil.
    • In Japanese the word Shihai is an umbrella term for several similar concepts relating to control, conquest, rulership and domination .etc. So while in Japanese it was already clear what type of Devil she was as well as being a horseman upon the first time her Devil type was revealed, the umbrella term would be lost in translation and thus different languages would come up with different variations such as Control Devil and Domination Devil being the most notable examples.
  • Makima's final battle at the end with Chainsaw Man was inspired by the Shinobu vs. Koyomi fight in the Kizumonogatari III movie according to a tweet by Fujimoto.
The Fall of Lucifer

"The Fall of Lucifer" shown as a painting in Makima's apartment.

  • In Makima's apartment (shown in Chapter 81), there is a painting showing "The Fall of Lucifer", similar to Gustave Doré's illustration for John Milton's poem Paradise Lost.
  • In both the anime and the manga, Makima is often seen with pests and parasites.
    • In the opening theme "Kick Back", Makima is allegorically represented by two animals: the jade wasp (Ampulex compressa) and Leucochloridium paradoxum, both parasites that control the actions of their host.
    • Her association with pests could be reflective of how the Conquest Horseman is often interpreted as the Horseman of Pestilence. The reason for the Conquest Horseman being changed to Pestilence in some interpretations is because scholars found Conquest to be too similar to War. Pestilence was an easy change because at the time, bows and arrows were laced with poisons and toxins and the Conquest Horseman held a bow and arrow. Even though Makima's hands are in a more gun-like position, her "Bang!" ability can also be comparable to shots from an arrow.
  • Makima's gut halo is often seen as being symbolic of the crown that the Conquest Horseman would wear.


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