Makima (マキマ Makima?) is a Public Safety Devil Hunter, who took Denji as her human pet.


Makima is a beautiful woman who appears to be in her twenties. Her hair colour is light brown, usually kept in a loose braid with eye length bangs and two longer side bangs that frame her face.

Her eyes are light red with yellow coloured multiple rings within them.


Makima is cunning and manipulative. She controls Denji with promises of a romantic and sexual relationship while threatening him with extermination if he disobeys her. While her goals are currently unknown and allegiance to humanity is somewhat ambiguous, it's clear she desires more power and will do anything to obtain it.

She is ruthless and willing to sacrifice the lives of others and harm innocent people if it benefits her.


Intro arcEdit

Makima went to exterminate the Zombie Devil but saw someone beat her to it. She then saw Denji as Chainsaw Man and told him he had a smell neither human or devil and asked him who he was, but he only told her to hug him. As she did, Denji turned back into human.[1] Makima then told him that she is a Devil Hunter and that Denji has two options: be killed by her or kept as her pet, upon hearing he will be fed, he agreed.[2]

While travelling in the car, Denji's stomach growled and Makima told him she will buy him some food. When they reached the store and ordered food, a man rushed in and asked for help. Hearing the situation and that her food is ready, she sends out Denji to deal with the situation, since he was her pet.[3] After Denji returned, she complimented him for being a good pet. She explains that there are a few precedents like his, but there is still no name for his situation, she also states that since she had a good nose she could sense that Pochita was still alive in him. She then fed him the soggy udon, as he couldn't himself. Denji then asked her what was her type, to which she responded it's him.[4]

Makima introduces Denji to the other members of Division 4 that he will be living with, Aki Hayakawa and the Blood Devil Power.

Bat Devil arcEdit

After the three defeat the Bat and Leech Devils, she motivates Denji to hunt the Gun Devil by promising to grant him any wish. She then commands Division 4 to kill the Eternity Devil and retrieve the piece of the Gun Devil's flesh in its possession.

Eternity Devil arcEdit

She then goes out drinking with the team in celebration of their victory.

Makima is on her way to meet with members of the Special Division 1 when her fellow Devil Hunters are attacked by followers of the Gun Devil.

Katana Man arcEdit

She survives getting shot in the head thanks to an unknown ability or contract and then kills some of the assailants thanks to a different ability that requires her sacrifice criminals condemned to life in prison.

After the attack, Makima introduces Denji and Power to the strongest Devil Hunter in the Special Division 1, known only as Master. After they complete their training, Master and Makima have dinner where he accuses her of using Denji and Power as pawns in her schemes and questions her allegiance to humanity.

Later, Makima meets with members of the Yakuza and forces them to disclose the names of the people who attacked Division 4 by presenting them with a bag filled with the eyeballs of their loved ones and refuses to return them to a healthy state if they do not cooperate.

After successfully infiltrating the hideout and capturing the Katana Man Makima is seen reporting to a superior. She reported that Sawatari who was a former Private Devil Hunter contracted with the Gun Devil and passed guns to the Yakuza, in exchange for which she wanted the Chainsaw Devil's heart. She also reports that Sawatari committed suicide before they could interrogate her and that they obtained 1.4 Kg of Gun Devil fragments. Which when combined with their already obtained 5 Kg was moving towards the main body.

She later examines Power and says that her blood must be drained to keep her in check. She assigns Beam as Denji's partner until the blood draining is complete. Makima then invites Denji on a date, they watch movies together and are mostly unmoved with them. In the final movie both her and Denji are moved to tears. After that movie, Denji asks Makima if she thinks that he has a heart to which she responds by placing her head on his chest and saying that he does.

Bomb Girl arcEdit

Makima is seen partnering Aki with the Angel Devil stating that he is the most powerful member of the 4th excluding Kishibe. She also tells Aki that the Angel Devil is lazy and that he doesn't have to be friendly with him, only to use him well as he could be a valuable asset.

She intercepts Reze when is going to meet Denji at the Café using her ability to travel as a mischief of rats. She tells Reze that she too likes the country mouse and talks about going to help a friend who lives in the country, stating that catching the mice which ruin the fields gives her peace of mind. She disarms Reze with the help of the Angel Devil who is waiting on the rooftop above the alleyway. She is standing in a pool of Reze's blood when she tells the Angel Devil that she told him to bring Aki with him. She sees it as considerate that he didn't bring Aki along as he wouldn't have wanted to kill a woman.

International Assassins arcEdit

Makima visits Denji's apartment and invites him, Aki and Power on a vacation to Enoshima. Denji and Aki readily agree and Power tries to worm her way out of it to no success.[5] A group of Public Safety devil hunters enter the apartment and inform Makima of a development; Denji in his Chainsaw Devil form has become public knowledge due to Reze's efforts which Makima is angry at.[6]

She comments that America and China will both be after Denji due to his rarity as someone who is neither devil nor fiend and that the Soviet Union likely did this so that no matter who captured Denji he would be away from Makima. Makima postpones the trip to Enoshima, informing Denji that he will be without freedom for the foreseeable future. She gives orders to the other devil hunters for Kusakabe and Tamaoki from Miyagi Public Safety Devil Extermination Division 2 and Subaru from Kyoto Public Safety Devil Extermination Division 1 be brought in, and that Hirofumi Yoshida is to be hired from the civilian sector in order to protect Denji.[7]

On her way out, she informs Aki that the operation to kill the Gun Devil will commence next year and that he should try not to die in the meantime since they will need everybody for that operation.[8]

Makima speaks with Kishibe about the potential threats that will be coming their way, including a rumor than Quanxi is coming which Kishibe is unhappy with. She states that it is no use taking precautions against her and that the one they really need to be worrying about is Germany's Santa Claus who is rumored to have died of old age, but is still the biggest threat out there.[9]

Makima, alongside Beam and Prinz, take care of a large number of Santa Claus' puppet dolls in a ruined building. She orders Beam to go assist Denji and tells Prinz to make sure to save Denji no matter what, and to recover the bodies of any devil hunters who perish.[10]


Enhanced Durability or Regeneration: The extent and mechanics of Makima's durability and/or regeneration are unclear, but she was shown to have been shot in the back of the head and seemingly killed, only to stand up later with no visible wounds. She stated that she was merely grazed by a bullet, however, this is unlikely given the placement of the gun when it was fired, as well as the location of the blood from the exit wound.

Unnamed Instant Killing Technique: While this technique is not yet fully understood, Makima possesses the ability to cause her target to be crushed by an invisible force. In order to use this technique, Makima appears to require the name of a target and a human sacrifice. Makima forms a symbol with her hands and instructs the sacrifice to utter the name of the target. The sacrifice then dies and the target subsequently is crushed, leaving only a splatter of blood behind and their clothes. This ability can also be used in close range, if she looks at a person that person dies, seemingly being crushed from the inside.[11]

Rat Transformation: This power seemingly allows Makima to be able to control a large number of rats which allow her to travel around using them. These rats can then cluster together to form the shape of a human and thus allow for Makima to be transported to that location instantly.[12]

High Alcohol Tolerance: Makima has an exceedingly high tolerance for drinking alcohol; able to out-drink both Aki and Himeno without showing any signs of being debilitated by the vast quantities of drink.[13]

Chapter AppearancesEdit


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