Makima (マキマ Makima) is a Public Safety Devil Hunter, who took Denji as her human pet.


Makima has beautiful breast length hair which is always seen to be up. It's unclear now what colour it happens to be. She has short bangs that barely go above her eyes while having two long side bangs.

Her eyes have multiple rings within them.



Makima went to exterminate the Zombie Devil, but saw someone beat her to it. She then saw Denji as Chainsaw Man and told him he had a small neither human or devil and asked him who he was, but he only told her to hug him, as she did, Denji turned back into human[1] Makima then told him that she is Devil Hunter and that Denji have two options: be killed by her or kept as her pet, upon hearing he will be fed, he agreed[2]

While travelling in the car, Denji's stomach growled and Makima told him she will buy him some food. When they reached the store and ordered food, a man rushed in and asked for help. Hearing the situation and that her food is ready, she sends out Denji to deal with the situation, since he was her pet.[3] After Denji returned, she complimented him for being a good pet. She explains that there are a few precedents like his, but there is still no name for his situation, she also states that since she had a good nose she could sense that Pochita was still alive in him. She then fed him the soggy udon, as he couldn't himself. Denji then asked her what was her type, to which she responded it's him.[4]



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