Pochita (ポチタ Pochita?) is the Chainsaw Devil (チェンソーの悪魔, Chensō no akuma) who embodies the fear of chainsaws.


Pochita appears to be a small red (sometimes orange) canine with a chainsaw like appendage protruding from the centre of his head. Handles emerge from his body allowing him to be wielded like a chainsaw, and his short tail is in the shape of a chainsaw's pull cord.[1] His true devil form is of a large, humanoid devil with four arms and a chainsaw protruding from each, with another chainsaw coming from the front of his head,2 similar to Denji's hybrid form.[2]


Unlike most devils Pochita communicated solely through barks and whines like an actual dog.[3] However, after fusing with Denji, he is able to communicate with him in his mind. He continuously communicates with Denji through dreams, warning him to not 'Open the Door'.

Pochita deeply cared for Denji, after his life was saved by the human, despite the devil's general hatred toward humankind. He willingly gave up his heart to Denji so that he could fulfill his dreams which Pochita loved hearing about.[4]

Pochita exhibits a more erratic personality when in his true devil form, as shown when he quickly murders anyone who expressed even a slight bit of hostility towards him in the burger joint.[5] However, he later tells Denji that he always dreamed of a hug, but his strength made that impossible, implying that his murder spree at the burger joint was accidental due to him being unable to properly control his strength around others.

He also seems to answer the calls of help from humans and devils alike, proven when he saved both Makima and Kobeni from their problematic situations, though he later brutally assaulted the former after completing his task.[5][6] Despite this, his love for Denji remained, as he was keen to fulfill his friend´s dreams, and later even sacrificed himself to save Kobeni.[7][8]



Much of Pochita´s past is shrouded in mystery, with the little information available being provided by Makima and other devils. He was known as the Chainsaw Man in hell, and had the unique ability of erasing devils and their names by consuming them.[9] Devils killed in this form couldn´t reincarnate anymore, while the fear they represented was erased from the public consciousness on earth, making Chainsaw Man a threat to devilkind and earning him the moniker of "The Devil that Devil´s fear the most" and "The Hero of Hell".[10]

This infamy however, made him the target of a vast number of devils, who killed him multiple times, but he always found a way to come back and fight again. His power was a subject of worship for some, making certain devils follow him, and the object of fear for others, who ran away trying to escape him.[10] This eventually culminated in a battle between him, The Four Horsemen and the Weapon Devils in which he was badly wounded and, according to Makima, was reduced to a "completely changed near death form", which is heavily implied to be his dog form. At the height of the battle, he vanished, somehow ending on earth.[11]

Pochita later finds Denji when the boy is mourning his father´s tombstone. At first, the devil seemed to react with hostility towards him, but he quickly fell to the ground, unable to endure his injuries any longer. In an act of empathy, Denji offered Pochita his blood so that he could recover from his wounds on the condition that the two would become partners.[3] Pochita would live alongside Denji, assisting him in devil hunting and wood clearing while subsisting on whatever rations Denji could afford.

Intro arc

One day, both are mortally wounded by the Zombie Devil and his Yakuza turned zombies. Pochita would then enter Denji's body, assuming the role of his heart, while repairing Denji's damaged or missing organs and body parts in the process. Pochita is last seen communicating with Denji internally, communicating his wish that Denji show him more of his dreams in exchange for being his heart.[4]

Control Devil arc



Devil Erasure: The Chainsaw Devil is capable of consuming other Devils, erasing them from the public conscious, making them incapable of reviving as the fear of them no longer exists, shown by the fact that Kishibe didn't know about historical things such as the holocaust, Nazis, and even the Nuclear bomb, revealing that the Chainsaw Devil at some point consumed their relative Devils.

Chainsaw Appendage: Protruding from Pochita's head is a chainsaw shaped appendage that functions as an actual chainsaw.[1] This ability is activated when the chord in his tail is pulled. As a full devil, all four of his arms have chainsaws.

Contract Creation: As a devil, Pochita can bestow contracts upon humans for a price. Their first contract with Denji is that, in exchange for consuming Denji's blood, Pochita assists him to pay his debts. It is confirmed later on as a real contract rather than the "promise" presented by a young Denji.

  • Body Assimilation: Pochita possesses the ability to fuse with a human body seemingly replacing damaged or missing organs. Unlike the process for a devil turning into a fiend by taking over a corpse, Pochita did this to Denji while he was still alive which allows Denji to transform into human/devil hybrid.[4] It is later revealed by Makima that this fusion occurred as a result of the contract. In exchange for Denji living a "normal life", Pochita becomes the heart of Denji.[12]
    • Devil Transformation: After Denji has surrendered his contract with Pochita, he transformed into a Full Devil. In this form, the Chainsaw Man displays incredible speed and strength, easily defeating multiple Hybrid-Devils in a matter of seconds. Though he has been shown to have taken damage, and even been slowed by being sent to Hell and blasted into Space, these acts merely delayed him for a few minutes before he returned unscathed. His immense power is further highlighted in Hell, where it is implied he defeated every Demon residing there. Makima stated that he has killed her 26 times in this form. The form seems to be under the control of Pochita as it is shown that he remembers Denji's dreams and tries to fulfill the requirements of their contract by eating a hamburger and going on a date with a girl. After being defeated by Makima to save Kobeni and later being rescued by Power, Denji transformed back to normal and regained his consciousness.

Blood Consumption: As a devil, Pochita can restore his health by consuming blood.[13] As a full Devil, he completely regenerated his body from just his heart after throwing it from space. Later, Denji used this ability to separate Pochita from his body to let Pochita mimic himself.[14]

Revival: As a devil, the Chainsaw Devil should revive in hell after death. This makes him practically immortal.


  • Pochita's ranking in the Popularity Polls are as follows;
    • Pochita ranked 9th in the First Popularity Poll, with 9,527 votes.
    • Pochita ranked 9th in the Second Popularity Poll, with 26,722 votes.
  • Pochita's design bears a heavy resemblance to the Makita brand of Chainsaws.
    • In fact, his name might be a play of Pochi (a common dog name in japan) and the suffix "Ta" (from Makita).


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