Power (パワー Pawā?) is a Blood Fiend (じん Chi no majin?) and a Public Safety Devil Hunter who is part of Makima's special squad.


Power looks like a young woman with pinkish hair that reaches down to her mid-back. As a fiend, she has light red horns protruding from the top of her head, red and yellow eyes that form a cross pattern, and sharp teeth with defined fangs.[1]

Power usually wears the standard dress shirt, tie, and slacks required of Public Safety Demon Hunters.[1] Normally, she wears breast pads to increase the size of her bust.[2] She almost always wears her jacket hanging halfway off her body giving her an untidy, half-dressed appearance.[3]

During Operation: Super-Smart, Power donned a pair of glasses and tied her hair back in a ponytail.[4]

If Power accumulates too much blood her horns became larger and more curved, and she can sprout additional pairs of horns from her head.[5]


Power is childish, greedy, and almost entirely self-motivated. She tends to fights if she has something to gain and is certain of her victory and has no problems in running away from a fight where she is outmatched.[6] She also feels the need to boast her superiority over her fellow Devil Hunters due to her status as a fiend. She has no loyalty to humanity, openly admitting that she will join the winning side.[7]

Power is often rude, unkempt, and feels as though those around her should clean up after her. She self-admittedly rarely bathes or flushes the toilet and sees humans as being sensitive for caring about their hygiene so much.[8]

Power is a compulsive habitual liar; after getting in trouble with Makima for killing a devil when she wasn't supposed to, Power immediately blamed Denji and claimed he told her to kill it,[9] and she blamed Denji for eating all of the emergency food that the team collected even while she had crumbs on her face.[10] When accused of abandoning a fight because she was scared, Power falsely stated that she ran away merely because she was hungry.[11]

She has no problem gossiping and talking about her friends behind their backs; sharing the secret of Aki's shortened lifespan with the Angel Devil.[12]

Power sees no difference between pork, beef and human meat; being willing to eat all of them, even if the meat is disgusting zombie flesh.[13] She hates vegetables, throwing them away when she finds them in her meal.[14] Power is an insatiable glutton, eating all of the stored food that the team needed in order to survive the Eternity Devil's trap and hoarding food for herself at the Division 4's newbie welcoming party.[10][15]

When asked by Aki about what reward she could want as part of their mission, Power stated that she desired to suck a human's blood until they die. When promised Denji's blood, Power became ecstatic at the prospect.[3]

Though she is extremely selfish, Power was able to experience compassion for the first time towards her pet after previously only caring about the smell and taste of blood and feeling death when she killing something. This prompted her to act for the sake of another creature when her pet Meowy was kidnapped.[16]



Despite initially wanting to eat him and taking care of him only so that he could be fattened up to provide a more delicious meal, Power cares deeply for her cat, Meowy.[17] She was willing to sacrifice Denji's life to save him from the Bat Devil.[18] When she thought Meowy to be dead after being eaten by the Bat Devil she became despondent and empathized with Denji before allowing herself to be eaten.[19]



Power roamed the countryside naked and filthy before she eventually encountered Meowy, after killing a large bear. She initially tries feeding the cat in order to fatten him up before killing him, and slaughters cows in order to gather milk for him. Over time however Power becomes used to Meowy's presence and considers it strange to be around someone that she isn't killing or isn't screaming. One night when relaxing on a rooftop, the injured Bat Devil appears and captures Meowy, ordering Power to bring him a human to eat so that he can regenerate in exchange for Meowy's life.[20]

Before Power can find a human for the Bat Devil, she is captured by Makima and made to join Public Safety as a devil hunter.[21]

Intro arcEdit

As Makima was telling Denji that she would pair him with someone to patrol together and do small-scale missions, Power showed up telling Denji to grovel before her and introducing herself. She asked him if he was her new partner, and noticing that she was female, Denji got excited to work with her.[22]

Bat Devil arcEdit

Denji and Power go patrolling on the rooftops with Power rapidly becoming bored and striking Denji on the head as she demands blood. Denji thinks to himself that Power is crazy and wonders as to how he will manage to touch her boobs.[23] After a while Denji ends up frustrated that there are no devil around and Power boasts that it is likely due to her history as being a fearsome devil that is scaring all the other devils away.[24]

Power smashing the Sea Cucumber Devil

Power smashing the Sea Cucumber Devil.

Suddenly Power smells the scent of blood and races off across the rooftops in pursuit of battle with Denji following behind her. She leaps off of the roof and creates an enormous hammer made of her own blood which is released from her wrist. She slams it down onto a Sea Cucumber Devil which had a civilian devil hunter trapped in a nearby phone-booth causing an explosion of blood which soaks her entire body. Power proudly proclaims that the glory is hers and laughs manically.[25]

Makima arrives to the scene and chastises Power for killing the Sea Cucumber Devil even though another devil hunter had already engaged it. She also chastises Denji for letting Power get out of control. After Makima calls her excitable and possibly unsuited for work as a devil hunter Power begins to freak out and accuses Denji of ordering her to kill the devil. Denji indignantly rejects her lies and the two argue back and forth until Makima asks them to be quiet.[26]

Power and Denji go back to patrolling with Power staring at the contents of a vending machine and noticing a cat nearby. She tells Denji that she only gets along with cats and that she hates humans due to her instincts as a devil. She confesses that she hates devils too since one of them stole her pet Meowy from her and that she would do anything in order to get him back. Denji claims not to understand being able to go so far for just a cat but would understand it if he was trying to touch some boobs or help a dog. Power makes Denji an offer that if he gets Meowy back for her, she'll let him touch her chest. Denji suddenly starts cursing the devil who kidnapped her cat and enthusiastically agrees to kill the devil for her.[26]

Denji gets permission for him and Power to go out an outing and they take the tram. Power tells Denji that only he'll be able to fight the devil as it'll use Meowy as a hostage against her if it sees her. Denji looks at her skeptically but decides to go along with it after focusing on her chest. He tries empathizing with her by talking about Pochita and how that even if he is gone, Pochita is still inside him. Power rudely rebuffs his words saying that Pochita is just dead which annoys Denji.[27]

Power leads Denji to the house where the devil is, but accidentally reveals that was earlier story was just a cover. Denji catches on and tries to attack her but she knocks him out. Power drags Denji into the house and reveals that her intention was to bring a human to the Bat Devil in exchange for Meowy's freedom. The Bat Devil picks up Denji and drains his blood to regenerate his arm. As Denji is dropped the floor, Power looks down on him and states that humans really are foolish since he was tricked by her.[28]

Power demands that the Bat Devil return Meowy to her but the Bat Devil complains about drinking Denji's blood and finds it disgusting. As punishment towards Power the Bat Devil eats Meowy.[29] Power reminisces on how she met Meowy and she empathizes briefly with Denji losing Pochita, before the Bat Devil picks her up and swallows her whole.[30] The Bat Devil comments that she tastes disgusting before flying towards the city with Denji clinging to him, demanding the return of the boobs that were promised to him.[31]

After Denji kills the Bat Devil, he saves Power and Meowy from his stomach. Power asks him why he went so far to rescue her even after she decieved him, and Denji makes a groping motion in the air. Power comments that his motives are foolish, but since Meowy lived, she'll let him feel her chest.[32] As he celebrates the Leech Devil attacks them while they are both weakened and eats Denji's arm. Denji asks Power if she can move and she responds that she cannot, forcing Denji to fight though he is unable to fully transform due to a lack of blood. The Leech Devil indicates that she'd let Denji go, but when she states that she'll kill Power and Meowy, Denji refuses to leave and leaps into battle.[33]

Power watches in shock at how far Denji would go just to touch a pair of breasts.[34] She comments that his bloodthirsty and reckless way of fighting makes him look like a demon.[35] Just as Denji is about to be defeated and eaten by the Leech Devil, Aki saves them by using his Fox Devil. Aki states that Denji and Power are to be debriefed and that Meowy will be taken to a veterinary hospital for a check-up.[36]

At the hospital Aki questions Denji about Power and if she really tried to get him killed but Denji plays dumb to cover for Power.[37] Outside Denji's hospital room a handcuffed power is being watched over by Himeno and demands to be released now that her alibi checks out. Aki decides to release her since she is just a tool to use against the devils and he has no plans on getting friendly with her.[38]

Later Power shows up at Aki's and Denji's apartment and announces that she is living with them now on Makima's orders, much to their dismay.[39] Power proves to be a nightmare to live with as she is picky with her food, refuses to bathe and refuses to flush the toilet.[40] Just as Denji is cleaning the toilet for her, she shows up and offers to fulfil her promise to let Denji feel her boobs causing Denji to see her as being like an angel.[41]

Power offers Denji three squeezes, in exchange for saving Meowy, killing the Bat Devil and covering for her in front of Aki. Denji immediately accepts her offer and squeezes her breasts only to discover that Power is wearing breast pads which fall out. Power allows Denji to continue touching her real breasts which she responds to positively but Denji is left massively disappointed. Power eventually stops Denji after the third squeeze, seemingly embarassed. She states that there is no reason for her to be a devil hunter since Meowy has been rescued but she'll do Denji a favor and stick around, since she still can't get away from Makima.[42]

Power is selected as part of a six-man team to enter the Morino Hotel and track down the devil within which has also eaten a piece of the Gun Devil.[43]

Eternity Devil arcEdit

Katana Man arcEdit

Bomb Girl arcEdit

After getting her blood drained Power makes a reappearance by tracking Denji's scent to the coffee shop where he was waiting for Reze. She loudly announces her entrance through the door and sits next to Denji, noticing the flowers he had bought for Reze. When she inquires about them Denji chooses to eat the flowers rather than give them to Power.[44]

International Assassins arcEdit

Gun Devil arcEdit


In her original form as a devil, Power claimed to be greatly feared to the point where other devils would flee from her scent but this is likely just a boast from Power.[45]

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed: Power is a quick fighter, able to land an attack Denji as they turned on each other while evading his own swing.[46] She was able to disappear from the Katana Man's sight as he gunned down the devil hunters before landing an uppercut that he couldn't block.[47]

Enhanced Smell: Power has a keen sense of smell, recognizing the scent of blood from a distance, while Denji was oblivious, and following it in order to track down the Sea Cucumber Devil.[25]

Supernatural AbilitiesEdit

Blood Manipulation: Power can freely manipulate the blood in her body to form weapons.[48] She can also manipulate other people's blood through direct contact and is able to prevent them from bleeding out though she acknowledges that it is difficult.[49]

  • Blood Hammer: Power can create an enormous hammer out of her own blood which she uses to crush her opponents.[48] She can also make smaller handheld versions.[50]
  • Blood Spear: Power can create a spear out of her own blood and uses it to stab at her target. By placing her blood in bottles and hiding them in the area as traps she can make spears suddenly appear from the environment to take her opponent off-guard.[51]
  • Power Enhancement: If Power drinks too much blood then her power drastically increases and she sprouts additional horns from her head.[5] In this state a single punch from Power has enough force to launch Denji into the ceiling.[52]

Blood Consumption: As a fiend, Power is able to restore her health by consuming blood.[53]


Acting Skills: Power is an amateur actress, capable of faking her death by lying on the ground in order to fool Quanxi.[54]

Chapter AppearancesEdit

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Intro arc
1. Dog & Chainsaw Absent
2. The Place Where Pochita Is Absent
3. Arrival in Tokyo Absent
4. Power Debut
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Bat Devil arc
5. A Way to Touch Some Boobs Appears
6. Service Appears
7. Meowy's Whereabouts Appears
8. Chainsaw vs. Bat Absent
9. Rescue Appears
10. Kon Appears
11. Compromise Appears
12. Squeeze Appears
13. Gun Devil Appears
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Eternity Devil arc
14. French Kiss Appears
15. Endless 8th Floor Appears
16. The First Taste Appears
17. Kill Denji Appears
18. Chainsaw vs. Eternity Appears
19. Nobel Prize Appears
20. Drinking Appears
21. Taste of a Kiss Appears
22. Cola-Flavor Chupa Chups Absent
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Katana Man arc
23. Gunfire Appears
24. Curse Appears
25. Ghost, Snake, Chainsaw Appears
26. The Gun is Mightier Absent
27. From Kyoto Absent
28. Secrets & Lies Absent
29. Perfect Score Appears
30. Bruised & Battered Appears
31. The Future Rules Appears
32. Over and Over Again Appears
33. Mission Start Absent
34. Full Team Absent
35. Minor Absent
36. Katana vs. Chainsaw Appears
37. Train, Head, Chainsaw Absent
38. Easy Revenge! Appears
39. Tearjerker Appears
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Bomb Girl arc
40. Love, Flower, Chainsaw Absent
41. Before the Storm Absent
42. Teach Me How to Swim Absent
43. Jane Fell Asleep in the Church Mentioned
44. Boom Boom Boom Absent
45. A Fine Day for Explosions Absent
46. The Melody of a Massacre Absent
47. Luck With Women Absent
48. Kaboom Kaboom Kaboom Absent
49. Shark Hurricane Absent
50. Sharknado Absent
51. Dark Diving Absent
52. Lost Love, Flower, Chainsaw Appears
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International Assassins arc
53. In a Dream Appears
54. To Go to Enoshima Absent
55. Let's Go Appears
56. A Curse and A Fist Appears
57. Suddenly Appears
58. Yutaro Kurose Absent
59. Mess Appears
60. Quanxi and Fiends' 49-Person Massacre Appears
61. News Reporter Appears
62. Super Mess Appears
63. Trip To Hell Appears
64. Welcome To Hell Appears
65. The Darkness Devil Appears
66. Woof! Appears
67. The First Devil Hunter Absent
68. Dark Power Absent
69. Shining Power Absent
70. Pinch Absent
71. Bath Appears
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Gun Devil arc
72. All Together Appears
73. Everyday Life No More Appears
74. What the Waves Say Absent
75. 9,12 Absent
76. Don't Open It Appears
77. Ring Ring Ring Appears
78. Snowball Fight Appears
79. Play Catch Absent


  • Power's ranking in the Popularity Polls are as follows;
    • Power ranked 1st in the First Popularity Poll, with 35,268 votes.


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