Quanxi (クァンシ) is a devil hunter from China.


Quanxi is a tall woman with white hair tied back in a ponytail. She wears an eye patch over her right eye.[1]

When in combat Quanxi dons a set of sheathes on her back, holding up to three swords.[2]

In her transformed state Quanxi's teeth sharpen along her head, transforming into hardened arrows with wide curved horns taking the shape of a bow on the side of her head. Arrowheads stick out of her neck while her forearms grow gloves with sharpened bow-shaped attachments on them.[3]


Quanxi is calm and stoic, having no shame in discussing business while she's in bed with her harem of fiends, showing little emotion even as her girlfriends fawn over her.[4] However, she does deeply care for her fiends, making her one request for a reward to be that they are given human rights and a basic education, and not attacking them even after they have been turned into dolls at the cost of her own safety.[5]

Quanxi is ruthlessly pragmatic in combat, preferring to throw her enemies outside of the battlefield in order to efficiently cut down their numbers and remove distractions.[6][7][8] Similarly, after being cast into Hell, she instantly requested a ceasefire in hostilities so as to determine their situation. This alliance continued until the moment the threat was contained, at which point she immediately attacked once again. Though her attacks are swift and brutal, she seems to prefer leaving those other than her target alive, as highlighted when she knocked Aki and Angel Devil unconscious and offered to spare Power's life.

Quanxi seems to have a past amongst the bureau, being referred to by Santa Claus as the 'First Devil Hunter'. This suggestion is furthered by her conversation with Kishibe, which hinted at a past friendship between the two.



Quanxi worked as a Devil Hunter and became known as a 'First Devil Hunter'. While working as a Devil Hunter, Quanxi met with Kishibe while he was young. During their first meeting, Kishibe asked her to become his woman. She rejected him immediately by giving him a punch. This occurrence has been repeated several times until nine years later after their first encounter, she declared that she is interested in girls.

After that, at some point of time, she left being Devil Hunter and went to China. She formed a harem of fiend in China while keeping work for China.

International Assassins arc

In China, Quanxi is in bed with four fiends as a member of the Chinese military gives her a job to go to Japan and capture the Chainsaw Devil. He says that the general will authorize any reward for her work due to the danger of the mission. Quanxi asks her fiends what they want and they respond with donuts, blood and Halloween. Quanxi tells the man that she wants her girls to recieve human rights and a a basic education and the man tells her that they'll look into it, provided she succeeds.[9]

In Japan, Makima discusses with Kishibe about the various threats that are coming from overseas including a rumor that Quanxi is on her way. Kishibe says that he isn't keen to fight her and that she'll be tricky but there is no use in taking precautions against her.[10]

Quanxi arrives in Japan and visits a sushi restaurant with her fiends. She announces that she's out of energy for the day so she'll resume the mission to capture Denji tomorrow.[11]

She ends up having sex with her fiends all night long making them exhausted the next day and after they learn that Santa Claus is also in the area they decide to put off getting involved until tomorrow again.[12]

Quanxi and her fiends arrive through a back alley near the department store where Denji and his bodyguards are under assault by Santa Claus. She approaches a group of devil hunters who were trying to reinforce Denji's group. Quanxi makes a comment in Chinese to let her fiends know that they should clean up the mess that will be left behind. She unsheathes her sword and after crouching low launches into a sprint that takes her through the devil hunters and army of dolls, decapitating or dismembering all of them at high speed.[2] Aki sees Quanxi's attack through his future sight and shouts a warning to Angel Devil and Nakamura. He manages to get his blade in between Quanxi and the Angel Devil, saving the Angel Devil's life but Nakamura is decapitated and both Aki and the Angel Devil are knocked unconscious.[13]

As her blade shatters Quanxi leaps into the midst of the group and kicks Denji into the air, incapacitating him. She swiftly dodges strikes from Tamaoki and Kusakabe and kicks them both in the jaw, knocking them out. Hirofumi Yoshida summons the Octopus Devil and blocks one of Quanxi's kicks. The Octopus Devil creates a smokescreen of ink in the air letting Hirofumi get closer to Quanxi but she kicks him and steals his knife.[14]

Before she can stab him she is interrupted by Kishibe who arrives while holding two of her fiends hostage.[15] Quanxi sits down at a nearby table and Kishibe passes on his hostages to Denji and Power. The two of them have a conversation while Kishibe subtly communicates another message to her by writing on a piece of paper. He informs her that Makima is listening in to the conversation and the he plans to kill Makima; if Quanxi assists him then he'll tell her everything and guarantee her safety. Instead of accepting his offer Quanxi relates a story to him about a news reporter she had a crush on and later changed her mind about. As she finishes telling her story, with some advice that Kishibe should simply be a good dog for Public Safety and keep his collar on, Aldo appears and tries to shoot Denji. Kishibe kicks Denji out of the way of the gunfire and Quanxi uses it as an opportunity to punch Kishibe in the face.[16]

Quanxi follows up with a knee to his head and stops his counterattack by catching his knife between her fingers. Kishibe attempts to kick her but she catches his leg and throws him out the window.[6] Aldo shoots at Quanxi's fiend who is holding Denji down but before he can press the attack he is grabbed by Quanxi and thrown out of the window to land on Kobeni Higashiyama's car.[7]

Quanxi politely asks Power to let her hostage go, claiming to not want to fight her. Beam appears out of the ground and knocks the fiend off of Denji, allowing them both to run away. Before Quanxi can follow them, Hirofumi stands back up and demands a rematch. They exchange blows with Quanxi initially having the upper hand but Hirofumi is able to land a powerful kick on her face, damaging her.[17]

After fighting some more Quanxi picks up Hirofumi and throws him out of a window, though he saves himself from falling to the ground by using the Octopus Devil. She looks back at Aki, the Angel Devil, Tamaoki and Kusakabe who have all picked themselves up and ask if they want to fight next.[8] Suddenly everything goes dark an enormous hand reaches down the from the sky, transporting everyone inside the mall to Hell.[18]

In Hell, Quanxi observes that Denji isn't able to fully transform after Aki pulls his chainsaw cord and deduces that it must be because of a lack of sufficient blood. She calls a temporary truce after observing that something is wrong with the fiends. Quanxi asks her fiends Long and Pingtsi if there is any way to escape but they're panicking too much. Pingtsi warns her that they're being watched by a powerful devil; one of the devils that embody primal fears and have never died. Pingtsi requests permission to commit suicide but Quanxi reassures her that she'll get them out of there.[19]

Pingtsi cries out that it is already too late and that the Darkness Devil is upon them. A door opens in the sky and a dark mass descends. Quanxi prepares to fight alongside the other devil hunters but they are all completely blitzed by the speed of the Darkness Devil which moves through them and removes all of their arms.[20]

Quanxi tries to attack the Darkness Devil alongside Tamaoki after the Darkness Devil begins slaughtering them, but before she can land her kick the Darkness Devil scythes out with its arms, cutting Quanxi, Tamaoki, Long and Pingtsi into pieces and scattering their body parts in the area.[21]

After her body parts were returned to Earth alongside everyone else, one of her fiends recovered her head and activated the trigger to her transformation before dropping Quanxi's head into a pile of enemy dolls. Quanxi fully regenerated and transformed into her hybrid state; slaughtering the dolls with rapid-fire projectiles. She proposed a temporary alliance to Denji so that she could get revenge against Santa Claus for the deaths of Long of Pingtsi. With that she disappears in a burst of high speed and attacks Santa Claus directly with a hail of arrows which shatter her body but do no lasting damage due to her regeneration in darkness. Santa Claus greets her as the world's first devil hunter and wonders how she will hunt an invisible hunter.[22]

Quanxi saves Denji from being swarmed by a group of dolls and tells him to treat them as if they're only impersonating humans instead of reclaiming their former memories. She claims ignorance is bliss, so that even if her advice is not true, he will still be able to kill them. Santa Claus bursts out of the wall next to her and grabs her, announcing with satisfaction that she finally caught her, Quanxi easily repels her with a barrage of arrows.[23]

She notices that night is coming which is a bad sign, as Santa Claus grows even more powerful and takes on a darker form. Quanxi tries hitting her again with a barrow of arrows but this time Santa Claus catches them out of the air. She announces that she took the time to create a couple of extra dolls, revealing Long and Pingtsi who have taken another of Quanxi's fiends as a hostage. Quanxi is stabbed through the chest by Pingtsi and Santa Claus wonders if she'll be able to turn Quanxi into a doll, although she is interrupted by Denji before she can carry it out.[24]

After Denji defeats Santa Claus and is gloating over her ruined body, Quanxi - back in her human form - steps up behind Denji and swiftly decapitates him before he can react since the truce between them has expired. Santa Claus promises that she'll add Quanxi to her collection of dolls one day, but Quanxi instructs her subordinate Cosmo to give Santa Claus an all-out taste of Halloween which drives her insane.[25]

Kishibe and Hirofumi both approach her and though Quanxi is ready to fight them, she stops when she notices them putting on blindfolds and an armed Makima arriving with them. Quanxi drops her sword and surrenders to Makima, begging that the lives of her women be spared but Makima cruelly repeats the words her subordinates stated earlier and both Quanxi and her two surviving fiends are decapitated instantly, splatting her blood onto Kishibe's cheek.[26]

Control Devil arc

Despite decapitated at the hands of Makima, she is summoned as part of a team of weapon hybrids to battle the fully-powered Chainsaw Devil. While under Makima's control, she behaves protectively and with great affection towards her.

After Makima commanded her agents to attack. Quanxi along with other hybrids pulled out their weapon, transforming themselves into their hybrid forms, and lunged at Denji. As each makes contact with him, they are blown back by the force of him leaping forward, crashing through skyscrapers whilst slicing through Quanxi and the Broadsword Hybrid. As they land in an apartment complex, Denji kneels over Quanxi's tattered body, clutching their severed heads.

Quanxi is also present during final confrontation of Makima and the Chainsaw Man. After the Chainsaw Man defeated Reze along with the Whip and Spear Hybrid, Quanxi appears from behind Denji, shooting him with her arrows as he moves his left arm up to defend, a few of them hitting him and piercing his chest. Later, Denji slices her while she is trying to block him, several more arrows piercing him as he decapitates her, her body falling to the ground.


Physical Abilities

Immense Strength: Quanxi possesses a level of strength having been described by Hirofumi Yoshida as being beyond what is humanly capable.[27] When wielding swords, she can cut through dozens of humans and dolls without slowing down and only stopped once her weapons were destroyed by the force of her own attacks.[28] Even a blocked strike was enough to knock out both Aki Hayakawa and the Angel Devil.

Immense Speed: Even in her human form, Quanxi possesses superhuman speed. She could disappear from the sights of five devil hunters by blitzing past them while cutting through an army of dolls created by the Doll Devil, before the original five devil hunters realized they had already been killed.[28]

Supernatural Abilities

Hybrid Transformation: By pulling an arrow out of her right eye socket, Quanxi can transform into a hybrid with many arrows and spikes emerging from her arms and head.[29]

  • Bow and Arrow Arms: Quanxi can shoot arrows from her bow shaped forearm, even being able to use it close range as a buck shot to wipe out a group of enemies quickly.[29]

Blood Consumption: As a hybrid, Quanxi should be able heal wounds by consuming blood.[30] She is able regenerate her whole body from just a head.


Hand-to-Hand Combat: Quanxi is a skilled fighter in hand-to-hand combat, with Kishibe considering her to be one of the best in the world.[31] She is highly specialized in using kicks, within a matter of moments she could disable Denji, Tamaoki and Kusakabe using nothing but kicks.[14]

Swordsmanship: Quanxi wields multiple blades in combat, swapping them out as they're destroyed by the force of her own attacks. Combined with her high speed she can cut through entire crowds of enemies at once.[28]


  • Quanxi's decapitation of all devil hunters and dolls at high speed is a reference to Kirisuke and Johnny, The Slaying of 499 (斬り介とジョニー四百九十九人斬り, Kiri Keisuke to Johnny Yonhyaku Tsukumo Hitokiri) which is also mentioned by Tatsuki Fujimoto.[32]

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92. Zombie, Blood, Chainsaw Absent
93. You & Crappy Movies Appears
94. Chainsaw Man vs. the Weapon Humans Appears
95. Chainsaw Man vs. Control Devil Absent
96. This Kind of Taste Absent
97. I, Love, Chainsaw Absent


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