Reze (レゼ Reze?), also known as Lady Reze, is a Bomb Devil (あく Bomu no akuma?) hybrid from the Soviet Union and ally to the Gun Devil. She is the primary antagonist of the titular Bomb Girl arc.


Reze is a short young girl that has short black hair with purple shades. She is prone to blushing heavily. On her neck she wears a choker with a grenade pin sticking out of the side.[1]

In her debut appearance she wore a loose shirt with stylized drawing of a bell on the front, and a backpack.[1] While working at the café Crossroads she wears an apron.[2]

Her transformation is that of a dark balloon-ship shaped head with multiple fins on the end. Like other devilman forms, Reze too, has her jaw visible. White shirt with a loose black ribbon, skirt with plain white panties underneath, black thigh-high boots and a long apron that has the texture of ammunition.


Reze initially appears to be a kind and gentle girl who has a crush on Denji soon after meeting him. She laughs at his jokes and isn't afraid to get close to and intimate with him.[3]

She shows little respect towards the owner of the café she works at, calling him a cheapskate for docking her pay.[2]

Her true personality is manipulative and brutal, as she is shown killing many Devil Hunters without care or mercy. She does, however, not enjoy killing and prefers to avoid it, unless necessary for her mission.



Reze was one of many children taken by the USSR and placed in a special government program to make super-soldiers dedicated to the country. In this program she was subjected to harsh military training and scientific experiments to amplify her natural abilities. At some point a portion of the Bomb Devil's body was placed inside Reze, thus turning her into a devil-human hybrid.

Bomb Girl arc

As Denji takes cover from the rain by hiding inside of a phone booth, Reze appears and dashes into the same booth. She greets him and makes comments on the weather before laughing at him and claiming that he reminds her of her dog which has passed away. Denji is initially confused causing Reze to apologize but Denji vomits up a flower he had eaten earlier and presents it to her. Reze thanks him for the flower, blushing heavily, which catches Denji off-guard. Reze lets him know that she works part-time at a café called Crossroads and invites him to come by sometime.[4]

Reze wanders over to the café and puts on her apron to work and greet her boss. Her boss docks her pay for her lateness and orders her to take a water over to Denji who has already arrived, pleasantly surprising Reze. She sits next to him and orders a coffee for herself and Denji. Denji makes a disgusted face after tasting the coffee causing Reze to laugh. Her attitude and closeness makes Denji think that she has feelings for him, causing him to worry as he tends to like anyone who likes him back.[5]

Denji keeps coming back to visit Reze at the café every day for a full week, ostensibly to order lunch there. Though Denji doesn't want to distract her from her studying Reze insists on sitting next to him and is shocked when she discovers that he doesn't know how to read. When Denji expresses a wish to have gone to school with Reze, Reze smiles slyly at him and suggests that they both go and visit the school after dark and explore it.[6]

Reze and Denji go to the school and wander the hallways while holding hands. They go to a classroom where they play Reze giving Denji basic lessons. Reze again expresses surprise that Denji never went to school and thinks that it is sad and messed up. She asks him if he is happy with his current occupation killing devils in exchange for the bare minimum standards of living but Denji doesn't have an answer.[7]

At Reze's suggestion the two of them go to the school's swimming pool where Reze strips off and invites Denji in to swim with her. Denji is initially hesitant because he cannot swim and he fears his growing feelings for her but eventually he splashes into the pool and Reze offers to teach him how to swim, and then offers to teach him everything.[8]

After they get out of the pool Reze asks Denji if he'd prefer to be the country mouse or the town mouse, referencing Aesop's fables. Denji opts to pick the town mouse as the food is way better and it seems more fun but Reze thinks that the country mouse sounds better since they'd have freedom. She asks Denji if food and fun are the only things he cares about which he agrees with. Reze invites him to go visit a local festival and after he agrees she runs off to the bathroom, leaving Denji alone in the classroom. As she walks down the hallway Reze turns around a notices a person behind her which she initially mistakes for Denji. The man steps into the light and brandishes a knife at her.[9]

The man chases Reze out onto the school roof. He explains to her that he will use her as bait after maiming her in order to force Denji to surrender and that he'll kill Denji easily once that happens. As he goes to stab her however Reze jumps onto him and easily pivots around to his back, breaking his arm in the process. She puts him into a stranglehold and chokes the life from him as she recites a poem in Russian. Once he's dead she stands up and notices the Typhoon Devil's presence nearby. She calls him out as the one responsible for the storm trapping them in the school and accepts the devil's apology so long as he removes the body of his assassin and obeys her for a while. Reze then goes and reunites with Denji in the classroom.[10]

The two of them go to the festival as planned and end up at a cliff side to get a good view of the fireworks. As they wait for the fireworks to go off Reze restarts their earlier conversation about Denji's terrible situation and asks him if he'll quit his job to run away from her, swearing to make him happy and protect him.[11]

Denji questions why she would go so far for him and Reze confesses that she likes him. After hesitating Denji states that he likes her too but due to growing recognition within his job and his feelings towards his coworkers and Makima, he's started to enjoy his life more and more. He asks her if he could keep working as a devil hunter and still see Reze, and Reze responds by saying that Denji must already have someone he likes. She suddenly kisses him on the mouth as the fireworks go off in the background but midway through the kiss Reze bites Denji's tongue off and taunts him with it. She pulls out a knife and cuts his throat, and then cuts his hand off before he can pull his chainsaw cord.[12]

As he collapses to the ground in pain and shock, Reze kisses him again and apologizes before stating that she will take his heart now. Suddenly Beam dashes out of the ground and grabs Denji, taking him away from Reze. Reze scornfully looks down at them and pulls the pin on her choker, causing her head to violently detonate. Her mangled body regenerates into a hybrid state and she rushes after Beam and Denji using the force of an explosion to propel her.[13]

Reze swiftly catches up to Beam and prevents him from fleeing with Denji. She offers to let him live if he leaves Denji behind but Beam responds by transforming his head into an enormous shark's head. He leaps at her but she casually stops him with one arm and engulfs his body in an explosion that causes him to revert to his original form.[14]

A group of civilian devil hunters pull up to the scene in their car and show caution at Reze's appearance since she appears to be an intelligent speaking devil. Reze snaps her fingers and blows them up, before noticing that Beam took advantage of the distraction to escape with Denji.[15] Reze follows Beam to the headquarters of the Second Division and puts on an unconvincing excuse that she's being chased by a devil. Aki and Beam evacuate with Denji and as Reze realizes that her initial plan did not work she decides to settle on her backup plan which is to massacre everybody.[16]

Nomo orders Kato and Tanabe to kill through Reze any means necessary as Aki leaves. The two of them bite their hands and point at her causing mold to grow in her internal organs and injure her, however Reze pulls the pin on her choker once more and blows her own head off. They initially mistake her actions for suicide but Reze's decapitated body picks up her head and throws it into the Division 2 headquarters where it explodes. Nomo is distracted by this and fails to notice Reze's body running at him until it is too late and a second explosion engulfs him. Meanwhile Reze has regenerated from her head inside of the Division 2 headquarters and slaughters everyone inside.[17]

Some of the devil hunters trying fighting back against her but they are swiftly blasted apart before they can open fire. A severely injured Nomo reappears and tries to use the Fox Devil's arm to grab Reze but she dodges his attack and lands in front of him. Just before she can kill him the Vice Captain of the second division appears and uses the Fox Devil's head to swallow her whole. Before they can celebrate their victory the Fox Devil promptly decides to leave due to Reze's disgusting taste and the fight resumes.[18] Aki foresees a bad future thanks to his contract with the Future Devil and brings his car to a stop; Reze lands in front of the car and brandishes the decapitated heads of Nomo and the Vice Captain.[19]

Reze orders Aki to unload Denji and drive away, claiming to prefer that there should be as little bloodshed as possible. Aki ignores her and drives away causing Reze to sigh and chase after him. She lands on the roof of the car and prepares to blow it up but the Violence Fiend leaps in to kick her off. He tries drop-kicking her from above but she easily blocks his attack which shocks him. Seeing that he can't fight her, the Violence Fiend calls out to Kobeni Higashiyama and orders her to retreat. Reze turns around and sees a frightened Kobeni collapsed on the ground who begs for mercy. Reze decides to leave her and resumes the chase after Denji.[20]

Reze catches up to the car and lands on top of the truck in behind it. Denji wakes up and transforms into his Chainsaw Man mode, cutting his way through the roof of the car to face Reze. Denji tells her that he realized that every woman that he's met in his life has tried to kill him and that it's sad that none of them care about him. Reze claims to truly like him, confusing Denji briefly until Aki snaps him out of it. Reze and Denji both lament their current situations and Denji declares that he's putting Reze under arrest to stop her spree of violence. Reze invites Denji up to her, offering to teach him how to do battle and he leaps up to fight her.[21]

Reze swings a punch at Denji and blows up the truck they're both standing on, sending him flying into a building. She leaps after him and sends him explosively flying through multiple walls though he managed to block the attack. Reze comments that he isn't applying his powers well and reveals that she stuck a portion of her skin to his chainsaws which she causes to explode remotely. Denji leaps out of the explosion at her but with casual ease Reze sends him flying up into the sky before slamming back to the ground by transforming her leg into a missile. She lifts up his mangled body, observing that he was already regenerating due to revving his chainsaw cord during the attack and blows up one more time for good measure, reducing him to a charred, limbless wreck.[22]

Reze makes her escape, carrying Denji with her but she ends up walking past Aki who is lying on the ground, disguised as a corpse. He stands up and cuts off her left arm with a surprise attack.[23] Reze regrows her left arm in an explosive attack which Aki narrowly dodges due to his future sight. The two of them exchange blows with Reze eventually creating a missile out of her arm to launch a massive explosion - however Aki is saved by the intervention of the Violence Fiend.[24]

Reze calls for a time out due to being anaemic and basically naked but Aki and the Violence Fiend decline her request. Suddenly the Typhoon Devil bursts onto the scene through a nearby building to save her.[25] A recovered Denji jumps back into combat, riding Beam like a steed which amuses Reze who prepares to battle Denji alongside the Typhoon Devil.[26]

She causes numerous explosions around Denji and Beam who point out that her aim really sucks. As they pass by her, Denji cuts off Reze's leg but the Typhoon Devil spits a mass of blood into her mouth, replenishing her supply and allowing her to regenerate from the injury.[27]

Denji and Beam defeat the Typhoon Devil, cutting him to pieces, but Reze swoops in from above and engulfs them in an explosion. Beam saves Denji from the affects of the attack by swallowing him but bears the brunt of it himself and is knocked unconscious. Denji extracts himself from Beam and thanks him before facing Reze once more and prepares to finish the fight.[28]

Reze flicks an explosive at Denji as he revs up his chainsaws and blows off his right arm, following up with an explosion that sends him down to the waterfront. Reze requests that Denji die already but Denji counters that if Reze had really wanted him dead the entire time that she could have just killed him when they first met. Reze contemplates that for a moment and tells Denji that there is no place for him to run to. He counters that it was a mistake for her to teach him how to swim and looks at the sea behind him. Reze blows up Denji's left arm but it remains hanging on by a length of chain which Denji uses to wrap around Reze and drag her with him off the edge of the pier and into the water. The two sink down to the seabed and reminisce on their time earlier in the swimming pool together.[29]

She wakes up on the shore next to Denji and Beam and questions why Denji revived her. He explains that given his immortality he doesn't care what bad stuff happens to him so long as he can eat good food the next day and write it all off, but if he turned her in to Public Safety then it would leave him with a bad feeling. He finished off by saying he wouldn't even mind being killed by her since she's hot. Reze bursts into laughter and flatly tells Denji that all of her expressions and blushes since they met have been nothing but an elaborate act before turning to leave the scene since she spent too much time fighting him. Denji offers to run away with her, unconcerned that she's a murderer since even if her words were lies, she still taught him how to swim. Reze steps up to him and breaks his neck, warning him to wise up a little before leaving. Denji calls out to her that he'll be waiting for her at the cafe at noon.[30]

Reze, in a civilian disguise, goes to the train station and considers getting aboard but she picks up a flower from a charity stand which reminds her of the flower that Denji gave her when they first met. She walks back to the café but before she can leave the alleyway opposite it, a swarm of rats appear at her feet.[31]

The rats coalesce into a humanoid form and reveal Makima who bars Reze's way. Makima gives a speech about how she prefers the country mouse, referencing Reze's earlier conversation with Denji at the school, and before Reze can pull the pin and activate her transformation, her arm is cut off. She moves to attack with Makima with a knife but a spear pierces her from above, thrown by the Angel Devil. Makima comforts Reze in her final moments as Reze reflects that the true reason that she didn't kill him when they first met was because she empathized with him.[32]

International Assassins arc

Makima scornfully comments that Reze fulfilled her task by making Denji's presence known globally after their fight is shown on TV.[33]

Control Devil arc

Despite defeated at the hands of Makima, she is summoned as part of a team of weapon hybrids to battle the fully-powered Chainsaw Devil. While under Makima's control, she behaves with great affection towards her contradictory to her original character.[34]

After Makima commanded her agents to attack. Reze along with other hybrids pulled out their weapon, transforming themselves into their hybrid forms, and lunged at Denji. As each makes contact with him, they are blown back by the force of him leaping forward. Later, as Reze blasts through the building and grabs Denji, carrying him into the sky. Flipping midair, Denji decapitates Reze, before he is impaled by a spear thrown by the Spear Hybrid.

Reze is also present during final confrontation of Makima and the Chainsaw Man. During this confrontation, Reze and the Whip Hybrid both fly towards Denji as he cries out, yelling out a battlecry as he spins in the air, slicing Reze with one of the chainsaws on his arms and cutting the Whip and Spear Hybrids with one on his leg. Denji and the bodies of Reze, the Whip Hybrid, and the Spear Hybrid all fall to the ground.[35]


Physical Abilities

Enhanced Strength: Despite being a young girl Reze has a great amount of physical strength; she could break an assassins arm effortlessly and choke him to death, and with a simple knife she could cut cleanly through Denji's wrist in one swing.[10][12]

Enhanced Speed: Reze could cut through Denji's throat before he could react and slice straight through Denji's wrist before he could pull his chainsaw cord.[12] She also to the technique

Supernatural Abilities

Hybrid Transformation: By pulling a pin in her choker, much like a grenade, Reze can cause herself to explode and transform into a hybrid form.[36] She also can perform the same technique but instead of just transforming, she blows her head off and leaves a decoy of herself to distracted her opponents. This decoy can holds it's own head and can throw it, then it explodes just like a bomb and also it's entire body before Reze reveals herself.

  • Explosive Skin: Reze can detonate her own skin from her arms to make explosive blasts and enhance her physical attacks.[37] By tearing them off, Reze can detonate them to explode. She can also shoot them by flicking them off her hands.
    • Torpedo Transformation: Reze can transform her limbs from her explosive skin into torpedoes, which makes her punches and kicks more devastating.[38]
    • Explosive Propulsion: Reze can cause explosions around her at will, enhancing her mobility with explosive force. She can also travel through the sky through continuous consecutive explosions.[39]
  • Augmented Durability: Reze becomes drastically more durable in this form as she can withstand a full-power kick from the Violence Fiend without taking any damage.[40]

Blood Consumption: As a hybrid, Reze is able to restore her health by consuming blood. After drinking blood from the Typhoon Devil she could regrow her severed leg instantly.[41]

Skill Set

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Reze is skilled in unarmed combat. In her normal human state she could expertly disarm and injure an assassin, outmaneuvering him completely by getting around him and putting him a stranglehold.[10]

Bilingual: Reze has demonstrated the ability to speak both Japanese and Russian.[10]

Chapter Appearances

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Bomb Girl arc
40. Love, Flower, Chainsaw Debut
41. Before the Storm Appears
42. Teach Me How to Swim Appears
43. Jane Fell Asleep in the Church Appears
44. Boom Boom Boom Appears
45. A Fine Day for Explosions Appears
46. The Melody of a Massacre Appears
47. Luck With Women Appears
48. Kaboom Kaboom Kaboom Appears
49. Shark Hurricane Appears
50. Sharknado Appears
51. Dark Diving Appears
52. Lost Love, Flower, Chainsaw Appears
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International Assassins arc
53. In a Dream Mentioned
54. To Go to Enoshima Absent
55. Let's Go Absent
56. A Curse and A Fist Absent
57. Suddenly Absent
58. Yutaro Kurose Absent
59. Mess Absent
60. Quanxi and Fiends' 49-Person Massacre Absent
61. News Reporter Absent
62. Super Mess Absent
63. Trip To Hell Absent
64. Welcome To Hell Absent
65. The Darkness Devil Absent
66. Woof! Absent
67. The First Devil Hunter Absent
68. Dark Power Absent
69. Shining Power Absent
70. Pinch Absent
71. Bath Absent
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Control Devil arc
80. A Dog's Feelings Absent
81. Paw Absent
82. Always Eat A Hearty Breakfast Absent
83. Death, Resurrection, Chainsaw Absent
84. Hero Of Hell Absent
85. Bloody Good Gut Feeling Absent
86. Date Chainsaw Appears
87. Chainsaw Man vs. the Horrifying Weapon Humans Appears
88. Star Chainsaw Appears
89. Go Get 'Em, Chainsaw Man Absent
90. Super Power Absent
91. Power, Power, Power Absent
92. Zombie, Blood, Chainsaw Absent
93. You & Crappy Movies Appears
94. Chainsaw Man vs. the Weapon Humans Appears
95. Chainsaw Man vs. Control Devil Absent
96. This Kind of Taste Absent
97. I, Love, Chainsaw Absent


  • Reze's ranking in the Popularity Polls are as follows;
    • Reze ranked 4th in the First Popularity Poll, with 19,079 votes.
    • Reze ranked 5th in the Second Popularity Poll, with 45,741 votes.
  • Her name is likely a reference to the word "raze," meaning to destroy or demolish.


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