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The Snake Devil (ヘビの (あく) () Hebi no Akuma?) is a Devil that embodies the fear of snakes.


The Snake Devil has the appearance of an enormous snake with a large mouth made out of interlocking arms and hands instead of teeth. It has green scales/skin and a red eye with black sclera.[1]


The Snake Devil's personality is currently unknown.


Katana Man arc[]

As Katana Man is being overwhelmed by Himeno and the Ghost Devil, he calls out to Sawatari for help. She raises her arm and summons the Snake Devil, commanding it to swallow the Ghost Devil whole. The Snake Devil instantly appears and swallows the Ghost Devil's body, decapitating it.[2]

Later as Sawatari and Katana Man attempted to escape with a captive Denji, Kobeni appeared. Sawatari commanded the Snake Devil to attack with its tail but Kobeni's incredible agility allowed to avoid the attack and close the distance between them.[3]

As Special Division 4 invades Sawatari's headquarters she commands the Snake Devil to spit out the Ghost Devil which now fights on their side.[4] After Aki defeats the Ghost Devil, Sawatari attempts to summon the Snake Devil in a panic, but she is stopped by Kobeni.[5]

The Snake Devil soon after killed Sawatari as she was being arrested, possibly as a cause in their contract together.[6]

Control Devil arc[]

By proxy of possessing Sawatari, Makima had access to her contract with the Snake Devil.


As a Devil, the Snake Devil possesses all of the standard devil abilities, such the ability to make contracts with humans for a price.

The only known contract is the one with Akane Sawatari. Sawatari is able to fully summon the Snake Devil and use its abilities through voice commands and hand movements, in exchange for sacrificing a fingernail for each command. To use the Snake Devil's abilities, Sawatari requires hand movements, so when her hands are held together, she cannot use them.

Devil Powers[]

  • Absorption and Release: The Snake Devil can devour other devils with its gigantic mouth and then expel them at a later point to fight on its behalf. Doing so any being that is released is fully healed and can fight in place of the Snake Devil.[7] Akane can use these two abilities through the commands "Swallow it whole" ( (まる) () Marunomi?) and "Spit it out" ( () () Hakidashi?)[8]. The Snake Devil appears to require contractors to pay an additional cost for the release ability, as Sawatari, in addition to losing a fingernail, suffered a nosebleed when she summoned the Ghost Devil against Aki Hayakawa.


  • The Snake Devil's rankings in the Popularity Polls are as follows:
    • The Snake Devil ranked 57th in the First Popularity Poll with 81 votes.
    • The Snake Devil ranked 83rd in the Second Popularity Poll with 107 votes.
  • The Snake Devil embodies Ophidiophobia (from Greek ὄφις: "snake"), the fear of snakes.
  • On one of Tatsuki Fujimoto's alternative Twitter accounts, he has revealed concept art of an early design of Power that may have served as inspiration for Akane Sawatari and the Snake Devil.


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