Yutaro Kurose (くろユウタロウ Kurose Yutarō?) was a Public Safety Devil Hunter from Kyoto.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kurose is a tall man with short black hair who tends to wear the standard Public Safety Devil Extermination uniform. He has a horizontal scar across his face which is a feature he shares with Tendo.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Like Tendo, Kurose is nervous around Makima and insists that they he doesn't want to join the special division.[2]

Kurose has a noticeable accent which he tends to tone down around people from Tokyo.[3]

Plot[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Kurose's life was ruined by the Gun Devil which was his motivation for joining Public Safety though he never tried to kill it himself, believing it to be impossible.[4]

Katana Man arc[edit | edit source]

Kurose and Tendo were waiting at a train station in Kyoto for Makima's arrival when they recieved word that Makima had been killed on the train in an ambush. Makima disembarks the train covered in blood but unharmed. When the two of them ask Makima if she was shot, Makima simply responds that she wasn't hit.[5]

Kurose asks Makima if they should go to Tokyo to assist the rest of the Special Division but Makima tells them that they won't be able to make it in time so they'll assist from their current location. She tells Kurose to borrow thirty convicts who are serving life sentences or worse.[6] They travel to a nearby shrine with Makima and are both blindfolded while she carries out her attack on the terrorists; Kurose wonders why they need to be blindfolded and Tendo tells him that ordinary devil hunters aren't authorized to know which devils she is contracted with. Once Makima is finished she tells them to remove their blindfolds and that she's returning to Tokyo.[7]

As they arrive in Tokyo they are met by Madoka who passes on a message to Makima and resigns. Kurose and Tendo look at each other nervously and remind Makima that they don't want to join the special division and that they'll only be around for a week to help with training.[8]

Kurose and Tendo travel to the hospital to meet Aki who is recovering after his battle with the Katana Man. They introduced themselves and stated they were here at Makima's request to train the Special Division 4.[9]

Kurose informs Aki that he has gotten on the Fox Devil's bad side and won't be able to summon him anymore. After seeing Aki's commitment, he and Tendo decide to leave and come back the next day with paperwork so that Aki can make a contract with a stronger division. On his way out Kurose informs Aki that someone else is there to see him.[10]

Kurose and Tendo lead Aki to an underground facility where devils are kept by Public Safety. Kurose asked if the woman who visited Aki in the hospital was his girlfriend but Aki tells him she was just his buddy's younger sister who came by to give him letters written by Himeno. They arrive at a cell which contains the Future Devil which has contracts with two other Public Safety devil hunters.[11]

Kurose and Tendo drop Aki off by car once he's made his deal with the Future Devil, and plan to go sightseeing before returning to Kyoto. He talks in the car to Aki about how unrealistic it is to think of killing the Gun Devil and how annoying he finds Aki but ultimately he throws Aki a can of coca-cola and leaves him with a final piece of advice that everybody in the Special Division is insane so he should watch out.[12]

International Assassins arc[edit | edit source]

Kurose, Tendo and another devil hunter from Kyoto named Subaru were summoned to Tokyo to be additional guards for Denji.[13] In the car ride there Subaru asks them about Makima since they've both met her before, but before Tendo can tell Subaru anything a set of road spikes are thrown in front of their car causing them to crash. As Kurose wonders what happened to make them crash three American devil hunters break the car windows and gun them down, killing Kurose Tendo and Subaru. The devil hunters then use their contract with the Skin Devil in order to impersonate Kurose's appearance.[14]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Devil Contracts[edit | edit source]

Punishment Contract - Kurose had a contract with the Punishment Devil for an unknown price.

Chapter Appearances[edit | edit source]

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23. Gunfire Absent
24. Curse Absent
25. Ghost, Snake, Chainsaw Absent
26. The Gun is Mightier Debut
27. From Kyoto Appears
28. Secrets & Lies Appears
29. Perfect Score Appears
30. Bruised & Battered Appears
31. The Future Rules Appears
32. Over and Over Again Absent
33. Mission Start Appears
34. Full Team Absent
35. Minor Absent
36. Katana vs. Chainsaw Absent
37. Train, Head, Chainsaw Absent
38. Easy Revenge! Absent
39. Tearjerker Absent
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International Assassins arc
53. In a Dream Absent
54. To Go to Enoshima Absent
55. Let's Go Appears
56. A Curse and A Fist Mentioned
57. Suddenly Mentioned
58. Yutaro Kurose Mentioned
59. Mess Absent
60. Quanxi and Fiends' 49-Person Massacre Absent
61. News Reporter Absent
62. Super Mess Absent
63. Trip To Hell Absent
64. Welcome To Hell Absent
65. The Darkness Devil Absent
66. Woof! Absent
67. The First Devil Hunter Absent
68. Dark Power Absent
69. Shining Power Absent
70. Pinch Absent
71. Bath Absent

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