Zombie Devil (ゾンビの悪魔, Zonbi no akuma) is a devil who can turn people into zombies.




A Zombie Devil made a deal with a mafia group to lend them his power, but since his power turns people into zombies, they became his servants. He then called Denji to an abandoned building and then made his new zombies kill him, since he hates Devil Hunters.[1] When Denji came back to life, he was surprised he is still alive and told his zombies to eat him. As Denji turned into Chainsaw Man, he minced his zombies. The Zombie Devil though the smaller devil took over his body and that he should be one of them, but then Denji launched towards him and killed him.[2]


Zombie Creation: The Zombie Devil has the power to turn humans into zombies, who are forced to act as his loyal servants.[3]


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